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28 Stupid Things Teenagers Have Already Done This Year

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Quick question for the youth of America: What the hell?!

What are you teenagers doing with your lives? Because based on all the stories that keep popping up about kids today, you're spending your lives doing really stupid stuff.

Not to say that you're the only age group doing dumb crap, because adults are definitely always making bad decisions. For example, this dude who got a tattoo of the KFC Double Down sandwich.

The reason we're pointing out all the stupid things teenagers have been up to in 2014 is so they have a chance to see the error of their ways and change. Seriously, just look at what's been going on, complete with our own idiot rating system, from "kids will be kids" to "may god have mercy on your soul":

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Dumb teenagers GIFs

1. What Happened: Two girls just decide to fight, and it ends with someone getting a shovel thrown at them.
Idiot rating: Why?!

2. What Happened: High school students prank their own school by peeing all over the hallways. Then they got arrested.
Idiot Rating: Think about your life choices.

Squirrel Attack Reddit

3. What Happened: Teenager takes a selfie with a squirrel and then immediately gets attacked by said squirrel.
Idiot Rating: Kids will be kids.

4. What Happened: A teenager wanted to take a selfie by a train, but instead he got kicked in the head by the conductor.
Idiot Rating: You're better than that.

Robert Jeffrey Blank, Backflip Fail YouTube

5. What Happened: Student attempts backflip at graduation and it goes horribly wrong.
Idiot Rating: Kids will be kids.

6. What Happened: Ontario teenager throws massive party inside his parents' still-under-construction, 5,000-square foot home, which led to $70,000 worth of damage.
Idiot Rating: Think about your life choices.

7. What Happened: Fans ruined Justin Bieber's wax statue because they couldn't stop groping it.
Idiot Rating: Kids will be kids.

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8. What Happened: Joffrey Baratheon tortured and killed hookers, ran away from a battle like a scared bunny and was basically a d--k to everyone in Westeros.
Idiot Rating: Doesn't matter, he's dead! (Decade-old book spoiler alert?)

9. What Happened: Kids were snorting Smarties so much that letters had to be sent home to parents warning them of the side effects, like nose maggots
Idiot Rating: Think about your life choices.

Kareem Granton Subway NBC

10. What Happened: 11-year old didn't want to do his chores, so he rode the subway for five days to avoid it. (Not a teenager, but almost).
Idiot Rating: Think about your life choices.

11. What Happened: Florida teenager filming himself driving "like an idiot" gets into car accident involving four other vehicles. He's seriously injured, and while in the hospital, he uploads the video of him crashing to YouTube, which helps police arrest him for reckless driving.
Idiot Rating: May god have mercy on your soul.

Instagram Breakup Instagram

12. What Happened: A teenager broke up with his girlfriend using Instagram and a hashtag.
Idiot Rating: You're better than that.

13. What Happened: After her father won an age-discrimination case, a teenager posted on Facebook all about how the family was going to spend the money, which violated the non-disclosure terms. She cost her dad $80,000.
Idiot Rating: May god have mercy on your soul.

14. What Happened: Male high school students in California decide to draft their prom dates, NFL style.
Idiot Rating: You're better than that.

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15. What Happened: A high school student in Oregon organized a massive party and bragged about it on Twitter, which got the attention of local police. He was arrested and charged for giving alcohol to minors and disorderly conduct.
Idiot Rating: Why?!

16. What Happened: A teenager got stuck in a storm drain after she dropped her iPhone down it. She had to be airlifted out.
Idiot Rating: You're better than that.

Sellotape Selfie Facebook

17. What Happened: Teenagers (but also adults) wrapped their faces in tape and took selfies. It looked painful. And hilarious.
Idiot Rating: Kids will be kids.

18. What Happened: Teenagers in Ohio were reportedly putting Burt's Bees lip balm on their eye lids to get high. It's called "Beezin'."
Idiot Rating: Why?!

Promposal Twitter

19. What Happened: A guy faked a college rejection letter to ask his girlfriend to prom. She said yes.
Idiot Rating: Kids will be kids.

20. What Happened: High school senior sues parents for college tuition money.
Idiot Rating: May god have mercy on your soul.

UGA Craigslist Finals post

21. What Happened: Two college students post an ad on Craigslist asking someone to run them over to get them out of finals.
Idiot Rating: May god have mercy on your soul.

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Dumb teenagers GIFs

22. What Happened: A teenage girl faked her own kidnapping to get her ex-boyfriend's attention after a breakup.
Idiot Rating: May god have mercy on your soul.

23. What Happened: After a fight with his family, this teenager climbed up into a plane and stowed away inside the wheels. Thankfully and miraculously, he survived the five-hour flight.
Idiot Rating: Why?!

24. What Happened: Teen has sex with Hot Pocket.
Idiot Rating: Why?!

Notre Dame college student Facebook

25. What Happened: Drunk college student smashes through the walls of a salon, destroys everything and steals all their Hot Pockets. But doesn't have sex with the Hot Pockets.
Idiot Rating: Think about your life choices.

26. What Happened: Teenagers in Las Vegas are reportedly smoking caffeine to get high.
Idiot Rating: Think about your life choices.

McDonald's Tattoo

27. What Happened: Teenager gets two (that's right, two) tattoos of McDonald's receipts on his arms.
Idiot Rating: Think about your life choices.

28. What Happened: Justin Bieber was born, and 20 years later he's doing a lot of dumb stuff. No, he's technically not a teenager at the age of 20, but we're counting him in this list because he acts like he's 14, maybe 15 years old, max.
Idiot Rating: May god have mercy on your soul.

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And obviously for every stupid teenager doing stupid things, there is an amazing teenager doing amazing things. Like this girl. And this guy. And this guy. We know that kids can also be quite incredible. But that list is for another time. For now, we just want to give a message to young people across the world:

Please stop doing dangerous, dumb and/or illegal things. You are the future. Don't ruin it.

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