Reddit Asked Its Teenage Users What's Cool Nowadays, and the Answers Will Definitely Surprise (and Confuse) You

It turns out most young people are really into SnapChat

By Jenna Mullins Mar 31, 2014 9:39 PMTags
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Are you feeling unhip? Not with it? Basically Amy Poheler's character in Mean Girls? Well, don't worry because reddit is here to tell you what is "in" with today's teenage population.

Reddit asked its teenager users what was considered cool nowadays, and youths from all over the world came forward to talk about what kids are all about. The results were very interesting, in a "what the hell does that mean?" kind of way.

We found out that SnapChat is cool, cool people are not cool and we're so out of touch we might as well be shaking our canes at the computer screen.

So what's totally cool, according to teenagers? Well…

SnapChat: The one item that kept popping up in almost everyone's answer is the SnapChat app. You can basically send instant photos to your friends that disappear after six seconds. Read: This is how you send dirty photos to people. And if someone screengrabs a photo, the app notifies you so you can go and smash their phone. We tried it for a week and we just kept sending photos of our cats to our mom because we'd rather our private bits not be out there in the universe. She eventually blocked us.

Amateur street photography: Not sure what counts as "street photography." Like, if you take a photo of a wilting flower in a sidewalk crack, does that count?

"Having strong eyebrow game": We assume this means having big, bold eyebrows. Or it means being able to raise one eyebrow in a sassy fashion. 

Being smart and nerdy: This is a trend we can get behind.

Varsity jackets: The faux ones. Lettering in a sport doesn't count. We don't think.

Hashtags: #Obvs

"Touching the booty": Also known as harassment. 

Macklemore: We know who that is! One for six.

Vaporizers: Those are for grownups, kids!

"Wearing your cell phone around your neck with a kind of cell phone lanyard": What?! You mean kids wear their iPhones around their neck like a backstage pass? We don't know what that is.

Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch: Still?!

"Vaguely hipster music": Not to be confused with overtly hipster music.

Hating Cool Things: So just hate everything on this list and you're there!

To sum up: