Promposals (that's what the cool kids are calling prom invites these days) are a big deal.

Most aren't getting-your-college-acceptance-rescinded big, but this one kind of was: Caitlyn Metzker, a senior from Pennsylvania, received an impressively forged letter from the University of South Carolina on an official-looking letterhead.

"We have recently received your final transcript from your school," the letter began. "It is clear that your grades are not what they were when we accepted you. Your performance during your senior year is starting to concern us."

It was actually how her boyfriend, Dylan Kanter, was asking her to the big dance. 

If Caitlyn read the last few lines (through the tears?), it said:

"It saddens us to say that you [sic] admissions is in jeopardy, and we may have to pull our admissions from you due to your poor school ethic and attendance. However if you were to just agree to go to prom with your boyfriend we could reconsider letting you continue to be a South Caroline Gamecock. So what do you say, will you go to prom with me?"

Under the signature, Dylan wrote, "Sorry if I scared you, hopefully you still like me and said [sic] yes to prom." We're assuming she did say yes, because she tweeted, "Oh my god Dylan. Thank you for the heart attack" and not "Look what my d--k ex-boyfriend did to me." 

A prom date and Internet fame.

What more could a teen want?

(H/T Jezebel)

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