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To those high school students who are graduating soon, make sure to read this story so you don't dare roll your eyes when your mom asks for countless photos of you in your graduation gown or in your prom attire. Some kids aren't so lucky.

Megan Sugg was able to graduate a month early from Glen Burnie High School in Maryland so her dying mother, Darlene Sugg, could see her daughter in her cap and gown. Megan was scheduled to graduate with the rest of her class next month, but after her mother's condition from battling colorectal cancer worsened considerably, she wanted to make sure her mom got her dying wish.

School officials and Megan's father quickly organized a ceremony that could take place right at Darlene's bedside.

"She was hanging on to see my proud moment," Megan told NBC News. "She knew it meant a lot."

"My wife was glowing to see Megan graduate," Darlene's husband, Steve Sugg, added.

Faculty members from the high school were dressed in traditional robes, and the principal read a speech she wrote specifically for Megan.

The impromptu graduation ceremony was organized by Steve and Kristin Canevazzi, the guidance counselor at Glen Burnie High School.

"I know how proud her mom is of her and we really wanted to give her family a special time," Canevazzi said to the Maryland Gazette.

Darlene defied the odds and was present for another big event in her daughter's life the very next day. She got to see Megan in her prom dress before the senior dance.

That night, Darlene's husband told her she was OK to go, but she told him she wanted to spend her final night holding his hand, and that she would be ready in the morning.

Darlene passed away this past Saturday, the day before Mother's Day, and she took her last breath still holding onto her husband.

When NBC news spoke to Megan on Mother's Day, she called the graduation ceremony "bittersweet."

"I was glad mom got to see me graduate, but I was sad to know that was the last moment I'm going to have with her," she said.

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