In our humble opinion, a good majority of America's youth could use a metaphorical shovel to the head.

Case in point: this girl fight that ended with someone getting an actual shovel thrown at their head.

Before you worry about their safety, don't. The girls posted a video after the fight and everyone is fine and giggling together. No harm done! Well, no physical harm done. There is certainly some mental and emotional damage coming their way.

Quick backstory from the full video above: these two girls just decide to fight. Their friends film them. They kick at each other, swat at each other and kind of punch the air around each other. They stop to chat for a second. Then they continue fighting. It seems that this process will repeat over and over again until one of the girls brings out a shovel.

Now watch the Vine below to see how these two girls end a casual fight:

On one hand, we're glad to see kids participating in outdoor activities instead of spending time inside while they waste away on the Internet. On the other hand, don't throw shovels at people.

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