Smarties Candy


We are literally speechless after hearing about this trend that kids are partaking in these days. We know that kids will be kids, but this is just straight ridiculous.

Apparently kids are crushing up Smarties (yes, those sugary candies) and snorting and/or smoking the powder. They are huffing sugary power up their nose. Why? Because they're dumb kids who we guess want to look cool doing fake drugs? We can't decide if this is better or worse than kids taking up smoking to look cool. And apparently it's not a new trend, because if you search "snorting smarties" on YouTube, there are videos from years ago showing kids inhaling the candy just for kicks. And that saddens our soul.

There are so many things wrong with this trend. For starters: don't waste candy. Don't waste the delicious sugar that will perk you up for 7 minutes only to send you crashing down seconds later. That's just wasteful.

Second, since this trend has picked up steam, experts have been weighing in about the dangers of snorting Smarties. (The more we type that phrase, the more ridiculous it sounds). Not only can the shards of the Smarties cut up the inside of your nose like razor blades if they haven't been broken up enough, but the sugary leftovers of this powder can lead to maggots getting all up in your nasal cavity.

Did you read what we just wrote?! Maggots in your nose. Maggots, people. Sorry if you're eating lunch right now but…nose maggots.

Nose specialists have stated that maggots could actually feed on the dust left up there, lay eggs and…well, you get the disgusting picture.

Here is the document that Scarborough Middle School in Maine released to parents that outlines all the dangers brought on by Smartie snorting. The fact that this piece of paper had to be issued is everything that's wrong with the youth of America.

For the love of all that is good and holy...whatever happened to kids just playing dodgeball or riding bikes after school?! Or if you really want a sugar high, just, you know, put the candy in your mouths and eat them like a normal human!

In case the message wasn't clear: don't snort Smarties. You'll get nose maggots.

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