The Best Internet Reactions to Game of Thrones' Shocking Death

Someone bit the dust on Sunday's episode, and the Internet loved it

By Jenna Mullins Apr 14, 2014 6:58 PMTags
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WARNING: We're about to spoil last night's episode of Game of Thrones (and a book from over a decade ago), so if you saw the title of this post and clicked in anyway, this is your last chance to get out. So...go away! Everyone else who knows went down last night (or 14 years ago), let's get it on!

Best. Wedding. Ever.

First Game of Thrones gave us The Red Wedding, which just shattered our hearts into a million pieces. But then it gave us The Purple Wedding and totally redeemed itself!

In last night's episode, Joffrey and Margaery finally tied the knot, and they proceeded to celebrate with friends and family. Well, a friend or family member (or both!) wanted Joffrey's celebration to be cut super-short, because the king was poisoned in the most gruesome fashion, and by episode's end, he was dead.

And the Internet goes wild!

Everyone on the World Wide Web exploded with happiness because Joffrey is the douchiest of douchebags. Although, a lot of people were bummed because, honestly, who in the the hell are we going to love to hate now?!

Some of these memes and tweets may give away spoilers for future episodes (but who knows how the show will deal with Joffrey's death in comparison to the books, so we're not sure if these are actually spoilers). But if you're wary and want to err on the side of caution, you should probably leave now. However, if you want to see how the Internet reacted to the death of Joffrey (aka Westeros' Justin Bieber), then get your scroll on:

And finally, our personal favorite:

Hashtag karma!

R.I.P., Joffrey. We will always remember you at your most purple-ish: