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The police raided Justin Bieber's house this morning to look for evidence that would link him to the egging incident that happened last week. And while we wait around for more information about the investigation, we want to take this time to apologize to everyone.

We are so, so sorry that it took this long for us to round up all the egg puns that could possibly be made regarding this situation. Seriously, there are so many lame jokes and word play that Bieber Egg-gate 2014 allows for, and it's about damn time we start talking about them.

So, without further ado, straight from the E! Online team, here are all the Justin Bieber egg jokes we've been making all day long:

"Bieber is such a bad egg."
"He won't be doing hard (-boiled) time."
"It's nothing to yolk about."
"The sheriff's department will crack this case."
"He's shell-shocked."
"The reaction seemed a little eggs-treme."
"His neighbor egged him on."
"There's been an egg-cellent development."
"Talking about proof he's trouble? Call it Eggs-hibit A."
"Police are going to crack this case right open."
"It takes some juevos to throw eggs at your neighbor while he's watching you."
"Biebs is allowed free range around the neighborhood."

"Yolk's on him."
"In this latest hard-boiled crime drama…"
"Justin Bieber is a rotten egg."
"I hear the white powder they found was egg-stacy."
"'You crack us up,' the cop said to Justin as he tried to explain that the molly wasn't his."
"At least this didn't happen on fry-day. What a way to ruin the weekend."
"Justin didn't get arrested. He's remained cage-free…for now!"
"He hasn't been eggs-onerated yet."
"Judge to Bieber and his friends: 'Let 'em fry!'"
"Justin doesn't have an egg to stand on."
"The police have done egg-ceptional investigative work "
"He'll learn from the eggs-perience"
"The cops sure scrambled his plans for a nice Tuesday morning."
"Omelettin' him slide."
"So that's not his brain on drugs."
"Surprise! Justin's drug test came back neggative."

And courtesy of some Twitter suggestions, which includes Nikita star and '90s dreamboat Devon Sawa:

(To be fair, Bieber wasn't arrested for cocaine. However, his friend Lil Za was arrested for drug possesion during the raid.)

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Thank you, we're here all week! And all year, because this is where we work. Your turn! Go nuts. Or should we say: Go egg? No, we shouldn't say that. Sorry. That was really lame.

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