Chelsea Houska Reveals Why Daughter Aubree May Not Inherit the Family Business

Sometimes, Teen Mom alum Chelsea Houska told E! News, mother really does know best—particularly when it comes to her and husband Cole DeBoer's HGTV series and their new home goods store.

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Watch: Chelsea Houska Spills on 13-Year-Old Daughter Aubree's Style

Heading into their second season as the stars of HGTV's Down Home Fab, Teen Mom alum Chelsea Houska DeBoer and husband Cole DeBoer are feeling pretty, well, you know. 

When they made their debut last year, "We wanted people to take us seriously and prove ourselves," Chelsea explained in an exclusive interview with E! News. But now that they're back (season two premieres March 21 at 9 p.m.), "We're like, 'No, we do know what we're doing. And we're going to come into it confident.'" 

But lest they worry they're getting too high on themselves, they have daughter Aubree, 14, at home ready and willing to help. 

"She is definitely very opinionated," Chelsea said of Aubree, who she shares with high school ex Adam Lind. "It's so funny, because whatever my style is, she's like, there needs to be records on the wall, posters plastered all over. It's very teenage."

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer's Cutest Moments

And the high schooler has already given her take on the couple's newest creation, their Down Home by DeBoers decor store that boasts wares with the same edgy chic aesthetic they use to makeover clients' homes. (Plus a section for their own Aubree Says line.)  

Recently they all dropped into the South Dakota shop, "And it was the first time she's really seen it completed," explained Chelsea. "I was like, 'What do you think Aubree?' And she said, 'If I ever took over the family business, I'd turn it into a Zumiez.'"

Chelsea Houska DeBoer/Instagram

Safe to say seeing her prized storefront transformed into a version of the skate shop chain is not something Chelsea is going to roll with. 

Joked the MTV alum, "I was like, 'Okay, well, then you're never taking over the family business.'"

Chelsea can absolutely envision her eldest striking out on her own, though. "Aubree is very creative," she acknowledged. "I could see her doing anything creative, whether it's design or art or anything." 

As for the rest of her crew, they may also be down to carry on the DeBoer legacy. 

Son Watson, 7, "is so smart and loves to build things," said Chelsea. "So I could see him being definitely a builder." And daughter Layne, 5, affectionately dubbed "Layniac" by the fam, "is so high strung, I could just see her on our demolition crew," joked Cole, "because she's ready to rock and roll."

As for the baby of the family, 3-year-old Walker, "She is so funny," said Chelsea. "She just tags along with the older kids. And she keeps up, too."

In some ways Chelsea and Cole are just along for the ride as well. 

Though raising four kids while tending to several thriving businesses is a bit of a study in controlled chaos, "Our kids are very involved, and they get to see our projects," noted Chelsea. "And that's something cool that we get to share, like, look what Mom and Dad are doing, and doing together."

Echoed Cole, "Being able to show our kids and our family what we've created has been awesome."

So, yes, some days they absolutely lose a battle of wills with a teenager ("When they reach 14, you kind of give up," joked Cole) and others they come to terms with the fact that not allowing Aubree to have a public Instagram account means they are so not Gucci. "I'm just very protective of her having social media and what gets put out there," explained Cole, "and also just the people that follow her."

But, mostly, they spend their days feeling grateful AF. 

"I think it's important to be happy with where you are and see where you can grow in that space," explained Chelsea. "I love HGTV. I would love to do, like, 20 seasons. And I'm so proud of our store that we're opening. And I think really focusing on this right now is our goal."


Well, that, and taking the time to appreciate everything they've quite literally built. 

"We're creating so many awesome projects and working with so many amazing people," acknowledged Cole. "But being able to do that with Chelsea has made it even better."

As for his bride of seven years, she tries not to spend too much time reflecting on just how far she's come from her single teen mom days

"If I think about it too much I cry," Chelsea shared. "But it is really cool. And it's really cool that whole journey was documented, too. I feel like a lot of times in your life, you go through things, but you don't really remember it, you kind of just block it off. But to be able to see the entire journey, you are almost able to be more grateful for it."


Her existence now is such a dream come true, "literally once a day I'm like, 'I'm just so thankful for this life,'" said Chelsea. "And that Cole and I get to do this together, I'm always just so thankful." 

Of course they're not the only Teen Mom alum who have constructed something truly impressive. Check in on the other franchise pairs who continue to build each other up (plus those that have decided to renovate their romantic life). 

Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra

Viewers watched Catelynn Lowell and now-husband Tyler Baltierra make the difficult choice to place their first daughter, Carly, for adoption, in 2009 on the inaugural season of 16 and Pregnant. After 13 years together, the fan-favorite couple wed in August 2015 and have since had three more daughters: Novalee, Vaeda and Rya.

While the absence of Carly—who lives with her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis—still aches 14 years later, the couple live for their meetups. "The girls love her," Catelynn told E! News of her younger daughters' reaction to Carly. "It's pretty awesome to be able to witness it. And we're blessed that we do have an open adoption to be able to witness it. It's truly a blessing to be able to watch all of these things over the years."

Maci Bookout & Ryan Edwards

Together less than six months when she got pregnant, viewers saw Maci Bookout struggle with an irresponsible Ryan Edwards on 16 and Pregnant. Though they got engaged, the high school sweethearts split less than a year after their son Bentley was born in 2008.

These days they're focused on building a coparenting relationship. "We're in a good place," Maci revealed to E! News in 2023, adding that Ryan is showing up "more consistently now than maybe he ever has before."

Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney

Maci found her forever teammate in Texan Taylor McKinney in 2012, the pair soon building up their squad. They welcomed daughter Jayde in May 2015 and son Maverick a year later, then wed in Florida that October. 

Partners in parenting, life and their TTM Lifestyle fashion brand, "He's just my person," she told E! News in 2023. "Even when we've had a rough year together, I think at the end of the day, I still choose him. I like him. And even if I want to punch him in the face sometimes, I'd rather argue with him or have a rough patch with him than never have a rough patch with anybody else." 

Cheyenne Floyd & Cory Wharton

Despite moving on with new significant others, the MTV stars, who connected while filming The Challenge, continue to coparent their daughter Ryder together.

"Our biggest thing since day one of Cory coming into Ryder's life was what kind of dad he wanted to be and what kind of parent he wanted to be," Cheyenne explained to E! News in March 2020. "I wasn't going to allow him to be a Disneyland dad or an Instagram dad or just in the moment. He had to be 100 percent. I think from the beginning, he saw my mindset and appreciated it so that's why we coparent so well."

Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis

After their romance ended in 2018, the pair decided to give their relationship a second chance. While celebrating her 28th birthday, Cheyenne confirmed on Instagram that she was back with Zach. In May 2021, the couple welcomed their first child together, son Ace, and got married in September 2022. 

"They are very in tune in such a natural way," Maci Bookout told E! News. "They just go together so smoothly and individually, they're awesome to be around but together, they are a blast. And they are always down for anything."

Cory Wharton & Taylor Selfridge

Connecting while filming Ex on the Beach may not sound like the start of a love story, but more than six years and two kids—daughters Mila and Maya—later, Cory and Are You the One? alum Taylor Selfridge are still making waves. 

"We just bought a house," he shared with E! News in 2023, before bringing up that, yes, he's aware that people want to know when they're getting married. "It's definitely being talked about. We have everything but the ring and me just letting her know. Taylor deserves that and it's something that I want and she wants. Right now we're just taking steps to get there."

Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer

Testing the limits of for-better-or-for-worse, Ryan checked into rehab not long after he married girlfriend Mackenzie Standifer in May 2017, with her giving birth to their first son Jagger in 2018 while Ryan was still in treatment.

Though the pair would welcome daughter Stella in January 2020, Mackenzie filed for divorce three years later. 

Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley

While their very contentious romance came to an end for good in 2013, the couple have since worked out a way to successfully coparent their now-teenage daughter Leah

"We have fun together but at a distance," Amber told E! News in January 2022. "But our relationship is good. It's a family now so we treat it as a family more than anything else." 

Amber Portwood & Matt Baier

After several years together, a proposal and one unsuccessful stint on Marriage Boot Camp, Amber and Boston transplant Matt Baier called off their engagement in 2017. 

"Honestly, you just get to a point when you're done hearing things and you just start to not care in a relationship and I think that's what started happening to me and him," Amber revealed on Dr. Drew Pinsky's podcast later that year. "I started not to care anymore about the relationship like you should. I put a wall up so I wouldn't get hurt again pretty much."

Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon

Amber did find love while filming Marriage Boot Camp—connecting with crew member Andrew Glennon while on set. The pair made their debut as a couple at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards and in May 2018, Amber gave birth to the couple's first child, James.

But the couple separated not long after Amber was arrested for domestic battery in July 2019. After a contentious court battle, California native Andrew was awarded sole legal and primary physical custody of their son in 2022. 

"I've worked so hard to better myself and improve my relationships with my children," the Teen Mom star told E! News at the time. "While I've always been candid about my past substance abuse and struggles with mental illness, a person should have the chance to redeem themselves and not be tethered to their problems from the past."

Determined not to give up, she added, "If your road has not been perfect, but you've worked hard to become a better, more stable and caring person today, keep moving forward as I will. I'll never stop fighting for my children who I love more than anything."

Amber Portwood & Dimitri Garcia

After meeting Amber on the Internet, Dimitri Garcia made his Teen Mom OG debut in April 2020. "Dimitri is from Belgium. He's 39 so he's 10 years older than me. But he's a very handsome man," Amber shared on the show. "I started opening up to him and we decided we should meet since we like each other."

In April 2021, Amber revealed on the Teen Mom OG reunion special that she was still dating Dimitri. "We've known each other now for 18 months," she explained. "But I haven't seen him in a year though." Though the pair struggled with not being able to physically see each other during the pandemic, they are reportedly still talking

Gary Shirley & Kristina Anderson

Months after Gary and now-wife Kristina Anderson welcomed daughter Emilee in April 2015, they wed in a sweet beach ceremony. 

"You are one of the most beautiful souls I know," Gary wrote in a 2022 Instagram post. "I don’t know how I would do this without you."

Farrah Abraham & Derek Underwood

The father of Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia died in an accident two months prior to her birth in December 2008.

Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran

Her first serious relationship since the death of her high school boyfriend, Farrah dated real estate agent Simon Saran on and off for over two years.

Though their 2017 split got ugly (as in cease-and-desist ugly), the two gave a stab at trying to remain friends. Sorta.

"I have no hard feelings against Farrah," Simon told E! News at the time. "We are just from two different worlds. She likes the fake life, I want what's real. I wish the best for her and much success in all of her future endeavors."

Jenelle Evans & Andrew Lewis

Jenelle Evans and Andrew Lewis, parents to now-teenage Jace, split not long after his 2009 birth, with the model having no involvement in his son's life. 

“I do feel bad because that’s Jace's dad," Jenelle reflected on a 2019 episode of Teen Mom 2. "But I know how he is, and I don’t want him to disappoint my son. I don’t want [him] to pop back in and then pop back out."

Jenelle Evans & David Eason

After a one-year marriage to Courtland Rogers, and having her second child, Kaiser, with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffin in 2014, Jenelle wed David Eason on their North Carolina property in September 2017, eight months after they welcomed their daughter Ensley.

After a particularly rocky stretch saw David charged with a child abuse misdemeanor involving Jace (at the time, Jenelle likened it to a "smear campaign"), Jenelle revealed they had separated. "I would've skipped straight to divorce but I couldn't because in the state of North Carolina, you have to be legally separated for a year," she explained on social media, "and you have to prove you have two separate addresses."

Chelsea Houska & Adam Lind

Remember the charmer who asked then-girlfriend Chelsea Houska when he could "sign the papers over for that mistake"?

Completely in the rearview. 

Against all odds, the Teen Mom star-turned-HGTV personality has a somewhat copacetic relationship with her high school ex Adam Lind, mom to her eldest daughter Aubree. “There’s no bad vibes and it’s just a very open relationship," she told Us Weekly. "There’s no bad feelings. We see him sometimes and it’s totally fine."

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer

What began as a meet-cute at a gas station in 2014 became forever when the pair wed in October 2016. After welcoming son Watson in 2017 and daughters Layne and Walker in 2018 and 2021, respectively, the pair launched a new joint project: Their HGTV series Down Home Fab

"If we were going to come back to TV, I wanted it to be something lighthearted, feel good and be able to show our authentic selves," Chelsea explained to E! News, sharing why this move felt "so right." As she put it, "This was just such a cool opportunity to do that."

Leah Messer & Corey Simms

Though then-high schooler Leah Messer and Corey Simms fought to turn their friendship into a forever family, the parents to now-teenage twins Aleeah and Aliannah filed for divorce six months after their October 2010 wedding

Corey has been married to Miranda Patterson since 2013.

Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert

Leah went on to wed pipeliner Jeremy Calvert in 2012, the couple welcoming daughter Adalynn the next year.

Though they split in 2015, they have made an effort to coparent their daughter. "I'm looking at a complete, better version of myself," Leah told E! News of her girls. "And seeing everything that they love and enjoy doing, and being able to support them in their lives and be a part of it is magical. I love it. I love being a mom, especially a girl mama."

Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley

By the time Leah went Instagram official with Jaylan Mobley in 2021, the United States Army officer had already charmed her and her daughters. 

The couple announced their engagement in August 2022, but broke up that October. 

"I needed that breakup," the Teen Mom star confessed to E! News a year later. "I've learned a lot from my last breakup and, moving forward, I do feel like my life is just beginning." 

Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera

Kailyn Lowry was just 17 when she and high school boyfriend Jo Rivera welcomed their eldest son, Isaac, in 2010.

And though they split a year later, they've since settled into a comfortable coparenting arrangement, Kailyn even hosting her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with Jo's wife Vee Torres. "We’ve come a long way since we were 18," Kailyn wrote on X after attending Jo and Vee's 2018 wedding. "I couldn’t ask for a better stepmom for isaac." 

Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin

Kailyn's second son Lincoln joined the squad in November 2013, roughly a year after the then-star of Teen Mom 2 wed his father Javi Marroquin

Splitting in late 2016, their relationship has been rocky at times, with Javi and girlfriend Lauren Comeau—already parents to son Eli—announcing in December 2023 that they were expecting their second child together, a girl.  

Kailyn Lowry & Chris Lopez

Though Kailyn welcomed sons Lux and Creed with boyfriend Chris Lopez during their on-and-off romance, they eventually called it quits for good. 

"Right now, we don't communicate at all," she revealed to E! News in 2020. "I'm hoping that it will get better with time but I don't have a big vision. I don't have anything negative to say. I hope for our kids that everything works itself out in whatever direction that may be." 

Kailyn Lowry & Elijah Scott

With current boyfriend Elijah Scott, Kailyn finally feels she has a strong foundation. "It's been very different from my other partners and my kids' other dads," she told People of Elijah, dad to her son Rio and twins Verse and Valley. "He pours concrete, he gets down and dirty at work. But he's also just a real family man. He's very, very much connected with his own family, with our family, and so he's been a really good partner to me, and I feel like it's a really good match."

But she's not ready to head down the aisle just yet. "He's been pushing for it," admitted Kailyn. "But I've already kind of done marriage once and I f--ked it up royally. So I'm a little hesitant."

Jade Cline & Sean Austin

Though Indiana-based Jade Cline and Sean Austin had more than their share of ups and down since welcoming daughter Kloie in 2017, in January 2022 Jade teased to fans that they were on the rise. 

"There were some major, major things that happened with our lives and major improvements that happen with Sean's life as well and with his future," she told E! News. "I'm really proud of him and where we are today." Eight months later, the pair announced their engagement, marrying in October 2023. 

"I know for sure my relationship isn't always perfect," Jade told E! News in 2024. "But we love each other and we make it work."

Ashley Siren & Bar Smith

California natives Ashley Jones and Bar Smith wed in 2021—four years after they welcomed daughter Holly. And while the pair has publicly called off their romance several times, they still appear to be together. 

Briana DeJesus & Devoin Austin II

Years after 16 and Pregnant star Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin II welcomed their daughter Nova in 2011, they flirted with giving their romance another shot. 

These days, however, Briana told E! News in 2024, "I want a man man, I don't want a little boy that I've been so used to dating back in the past."

Briana DeJesus & Luis Miguel

After starring on the single season of Teen Mom 3, Briana joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 in its eighth season, and gave birth to her second daughter, Stella, with ex-boyfriend Luis Miguel, on July 2017.

Since then, Luis' involvement has been spotty at best. "I think he wants a family with me," Briana explained to Dr. Drew in a December 2019 Teen Mom 2 episode, "and since I'm not giving that to him, he just wants to stay away completely."

Briana DeJesus & John Rodriguez

Shortly after celebrating their one-year anniversary at a tropical destination in 2019, Briana called it quits with then-boyfriend John Rodriguez

To put it bluntly, she shared in an episode of the MTV hit, she simply stopped loving him. "It sucks because I kicked him to the curb," she noted, "but he didn't fight to be with me either. I wanted him to fight for me but he didn't."

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