Chelsea Houska Reveals How Daughter Aubree Found True Confidence On and Off Camera

In an exclusive interview with E! News, HGTV star Chelsea Houska praised daughter Aubree for her unique style on and off camera: “I don't know if I was that confident at 13.”

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Watch: Chelsea Houska Spills on 13-Year-Old Daughter Aubree's Style

Never underestimate a teenager with an eye for design and style.

While Chelsea Houska may be an HGTV star expanding her own home décor brand, she's the first to admit that fans can't get enough of her 13-year-old daughter Aubree.

"I have seen comments before where people say, ‘We're her aunties,'" Chelsea said in an exclusive interview with E! News. "People feel like they did grow up with her. They were there from the moment I gave birth and watched a very personal story. They followed along and they were invested and they cared, which is so heartwarming to me." 

More than 13 years after first appearing on reality TV with Teen Mom, Chelsea can't believe her daughter with ex Adam Lind is now a teenager with her own point of view. 

"She's so funny because she used to not care," Chelsea said. "I would just buy all of her clothes for her. Now, she's very specific. She has a style and I love that she has her own and she's so confident with the blue hair and then she's chopped it right off. I want to encourage that, because I don't know if I was that confident at 13."

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So, where does Chelsea think it comes from?

For starters, she gives credit to her husband Cole DeBoer for being "such a great father figure and person in general."


But Chelsea also deserves credit for giving Aubree an example of what it is to be strong no matter what comes your way.

"I hope that I maybe instilled it in her, and that's why she is so confident in who she is," she said. "At the time, I didn't think that about myself, but I always would try to portray that outwardly to her. So, I hope that part does come from that."

While confidence is important, hard work is just as powerful. 

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For Chelsea, who also shares Watson, 6, Layne, 4, and Walker, 2, with Cole, accomplishing her dreams and expanding her business has been a family affair, with her kids appearing in her HGTV show Down Home Fab since January. And when she redesigned her home décor line—which includes everything from mixing bowls to cozy throws—earlier this month, Chelsea made sure to include her kids in the product photo shoot.

"I just really want to encourage my kids and show my kids to go for their dreams no matter how big they may seem," she said. "I want to show them that you can make anything happen. Just go for it and trust your gut and make s--t happen."

And she wonders where Aubree got her positive attitude from...

"If you can instill confidence with kids, that is so important and something that's hard to find these days, understandably with social media and everything," Chelsea added. "Seeing or hearing that my kids seem confident and happy is just the best compliment."

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