Teen Mom's Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge Open Up About Parenting During a Pandemic

Teen Mom OG's Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge open up about their highs and lows while raising a baby during the Coronavirus pandemic.

By Mike Vulpo Jun 09, 2020 1:00 PMTags
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In only a matter of months, so much can change.

Just ask Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge who thought welcoming their first child together was special enough. But in between preparing for the birth of their baby girl, the couple moved into a new house. And yes, it all happened during the Coronavirus pandemic

"It definitely brought us closer together," Cory shared with E! News exclusively last month. "Most of our lives have changed completely and we made it work. I think it's going to be cool to show the fans." 

That's not to say it's been smooth sailing. According to Taylor, she had to cancel her baby shower and her final maternity shoot.

In addition, she feared Cory was going to be banned from the delivery room because of hospital protocol during COVID-19. Ultimately, fans will be able to watch it all unfold during tonight's Teen Mom OG At Home: Cory & Taylor's Baby Special.

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"Oh she definitely has a personality. She's trying to talk. She smiles back. She loves to let you know when she doesn't like something," Taylor joked when describing baby Mila shortly after she turned one-month-old. "She's now just starting to smile back at us."


Cory added, "It took a couple of weeks for us to get into our routine but we take shifts. When I sleep, Taylor is up taking care of the baby and when I wake up, Taylor gets to sleep so we're becoming a good team here."

That team also includes a familiar face by the name of Cheyenne Floyd. The Teen Mom OG star shares a daughter with Cory and they continue to impress fans with their co-parenting skills. In fact, Cheyenne helped plan her ex's gender reveal with Taylor.

"I think for me, we all get along because we all want what's best for the kids. We all have an open line of communication. We're a very big, weird, blended family," Cory explained. "A lot of people don't understand it but we do what works for us and we want to make sure Ryder is raised the best way that she can and Mila is raised the best way she can and it takes a lot of sacrifice on Cheyenne. It takes a lot of sacrifice on Taylor. It takes sacrifice on me to put things aside and come together to raise kids the right way."

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And as Cory and Taylor continue raising a daughter during a season of change, both parents are committed to focusing on one simple thing: Love!

"I just feel like I want to raise Mila like I want her to know all sides of her family. She has a white side and a black side of her family so I want her to know all sides," Taylor shared. "I have to teach myself all sides too so I feel like if I just teach her how to love everybody, it's all about love."

Teen Mom OG At Home: Cory & Taylor's Baby Special airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on MTV.