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    Bitch-Back! Who's This Olivia Munn, Anyway?

    Matthew Morrison, Olivia Munn James Devaney/

    Dear Ted:
    Olivia Munn and Matthew Morrison? They were seen holding hands at a Lakers game recently. Who is Olivia Munn, really? I see her name mentioned in tabloids and magazines, but I have no idea what show she is on or what she really does?"
    Dollie H

    Dear Olivia Who?
    Besides being über-sexy (she was No. 8 on Maxim's 2010 Hot List)? This gal is currently the star of NBC's Perfect Couples. We wish her the best in her (obvious and successful) A-list pursuits, both on and off camera.

    Dear Ted:
    So much for the "likable" Charlie Sheen we thought we knew a few weeks ago. I remember numerous people on the Two and a Half Men set who referred to his personality in the positive way and not the polar opposite that he seems to be displaying.


    Dear Crazy As They Come:
    A few weeks ago? Not so much. Charlie has been quite unlikable for sometime now, but place his character next to the straight edge-good citizen-funny guy Jon Cryer, and you have a ratings hit. Somehow, Sheen has been able to, shall we say, balance, his habits with the show, but this dude was bound to spiral out of control at some point. Poor Charlie would be better off keeping his mouth shut—he gave up a million-dollar sitcom job to join the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

    Dear Ted:
    And the Oscar goes to...You crazy, Ted! Loved it the Oscars show .

    Dear The Oscar Goes To:
    Thanks for the love. Totally knew I made a sexier Black Swan than Natalie Portman.

    Dear Ted:
    Did you see the body language between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on the Oscars red carpet? At one point, she even tugged on his hand to make him turn around and pay attention to her. All I kept thinking of was your Blind Vice about a couple breaking up after the Oscars.

    Dear Vicey Duo:
    Us, too. Nic's has been way anxious for attention from both Keith and the public. We wonder why; obviously you do, too.

    Dear Ted:
    A while ago Kate Bosworth met Alexander Skarsgård's father. I admire Stellan Skarsgård as an actor and individual because he has such a great personality and seems like a fun guy to be around. I am not sure what his relationship is with his son, but they seem close (fill me in if I'm wrong), and even if they aren't close I'm sure he would let Alex know if he did not approve of a girlfriend. What does he think of Kate? Based on the information online it doesn't seem as if he was that impressed with her. He seems to like intelligent and talented individuals, so I'm guessing he was not a fan of the unemployed and frail Kate, which means one of us has a chance, but which one?

    Dear Kiss Me Kate:
    Kate was recently seen chatting with Stellan at the Chateau Marmont, where she attended a party with her boyfriend. Can't imagine pops is too happy with his son dating this chick, but he seems to approve for the time being. Hopefully, he will break this duo up before they get too serious.

    Dear Ted:
    A few months ago, in response to a reader who thought Tony Romo was a better partner for Jessica Simpson than her current beau, you said Eric Johnson is a "perfect fit" for her. Do you still think that? I can't tell if all the "sloppy-drunk Jess" stories are the tabs making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    Dear Jess-a-mess:
    Jessica has always been somewhat of a trainwreck, which is exactly why Eric is perfect for her. Tony has an NFL career to worry about, while Eric? Well, all he as to worry about is Jess. A match made in Joe Simpson heaven if you ask us.

    Dear Ted:
    Is Paris Hilton Lucretia Johnson? Her boyfriend seems sketchy and she has been looking bigger than she ever has.

    Dear Excellent Guess:
    Close, but off by a shade of blonde.

    Dear Ted:
    What is your take on the meta episode of Supernatural last Friday? When I first heard that Genevieve Cortese was returning to the show to play Jared Padalecki's wife, I thought the intention was to combat those pesky gay rumors. So I was surprised to see her (and one of their wedding photos!) in an alternate universe that was clearly a fictional portrayal of his life. I mean, everyone knows the real Jared and Jensen get along just fine. So if none of it was real, why not hire a different actress or not mention it at all? Or was the opportunity to remind everyone that Jared married the actress who played Ruby too good to pass up?

    Dear Not So Supernatural:
    The latter. Fans love it when an onscreen character comes to life offscreen, ever heard of Two and a Half Men?

    Dear Ted:
    Is Colin Firth the star that is planning to leave his wife after the Oscars?

    Dear King's Speechless:
    Nope. Colin is crazy for his wife, and we love this couple even more.

    Dear Ted:
    Is King Schlong Bruce Willis?

    Dear Off:
    Not by a generation (or two).

    Dear Ted:
    Won't you please try to convince your Twilight fans not to hijack every single Bitch-Back thread? I am rapidly losing interest in your column because of these people. Perhaps if you wrote an entry addressing this it would help.

    Dear Tired of Twilight:
    Trust, Twi-hards cannot be tamed. You never know when these devotees will unleash their fangs.

    Dear Ted:
    Am I the only one who thinks that Melissa Leo's use of the F-word was more than a little deliberate? Her fine talent notwithstanding, this is a woman who screams neediness and desperation for attention (those ads?). By using that word, she made herself the biggest story of the night. Sorry, I'm just not buying it.

    Dear It's Just an F-Bomb:
    Thank heaven, at least her language brought some entertainment. As for the F-bomb being intentional? Tough call, but maybe ABC is behind the dirty language...trying to attract younger viewers, perhaps?

    Dear Ted:
    I don't know about you, but I no longer can watch another Charlie Sheen interview. Too uncomfortable and just plain sad to watch. He's not being rational at the moment and to put him on TV like this, only to make fun of him is heartbreaking. He's just way too delusional and he's no "winner" in my book.

    Dear Sheen and Heard Enough:
    We agree; Charlie is only making it worse for himself. But you can't say that people are putting him on TV to make fun of him. More like no one wants Charlie on TV, but Mr. Sheen refuses to pull away from the attention. Bottom line, when you call the show a "pukefest" and the producers "Nazis," you are gunning for attention, even if in the most negative way possible.

    Dear Ted:
    Your latest TL&T was so hilarious! Keep up the great work. My question is, did Robsten really get jiggy with it at a pre-Oscar party?

    Dear Robsten Roundup:
    They most certainly did over the weekend, but K.Stew was back to Vancouver Monday morning to film Breaking Dawn.

    Dear Ted:
    Last year, my husband and I officially became crazy cat people by adopting three rescue kitties with inscrutable personalities: Aengus, Grendel and Greywacky. I don't know if they would actually send you greetings, but I know if you gave them noms, they'd be your best friends for life. My questions is this: Are your Blind Vice names actually anagrams?

    Dear Curious Cats:
    Nope. That would be far too easy! Say hey to your crazy-named brood!

    Dear Ted:
    Be honest, Taylor Swift and Chord Overstreet?! Total PR stunt! Typical of these two? Right or wrong?

    Dear Too Swifty:
    Chord and Tay are together, but the romance is in the early stages. As for Taylor, it's perfect timing for a post-Jake rebound since the two had many potential run-ins at the Oscars. Hopefully, this means better choices from Taylor in the love department.

    Dear Ted:
    I just can't get Strippa off my mind due to the dangerous nature of her situation. Do you think because of her recent career move back into the limelight she may find some new confidence to get out of this unacceptable situation? Maybe her new gig will offer her a safe haven of friendship and support to let this relationship go. Also, could Caesar's recent outburst at her photo shoot have something to do with him feeling she might be slipping away from his control?

    Dear Dream On:
    Strippa's newfound fame is only going to incur more wrath from Caesar—this isn't going to have a pretty ending.

    Dear Ted:
    John Mayer dated Cameron Diaz, who is dating Alex Rodriguez. John Mayer dated Minka Kelly who is dating Derek Jeter. That means A-Rod and Jeter have Mayer cooties! Talk about Stankee Yankees!

    Dear Lots of Sharing:
    You got it right; Hollywood is one small town with a whole lotta drama.

    Dear Ted:
    I have a Chihuahua I rescued from a puppy mill last summer. She wants to know if Fey Oiled-Tush has die-hard fans?

    Dear Sweetheart:
    Tons, still, miraculously.

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