Jameela Jamil Almost Died Because of Her The Good Place Co-Star Ted Danson

Jameela Jamil nearly died when her The Good Place co-star Ted Danson suggested she try going for a run. Read the hilarious story below!

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Holy forking shirtballs! Jameela Jamil nearly died while filming the first season of The Good Place.

During an appearance on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jamil shared the unbelievable story of the time she, by co-star Ted Danson's suggestion, tried to work out to keep her energy up on set, and, well, it didn't work out.

The star told host Jimmy Kimmel that Danson, being such a TV veteran, was a guiding light. "He taught me how to act, but mostly he was just very good at teaching me how to stay alive," she shared. "He told me early on, because I kept on getting a fever just from filming—which shows just how pathetic I was. A doctor once told me I'm clinically weak, which isn't a condition, it's just sad. But Ted noticed that I was fatigued and yet was running circles around me. And he's 40 years older than me!"

Inspired by his energy, the actress decided to take a page out of his book, but she almost ended up in the Good Place herself! As she revealed, "I started trying to jog because of him. And the first time I tried, I almost died!"

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Then the 33-year-old gave the whole story, and it sounds like an episode right out of her own show.

As she explained, "I went jogging. I went at about 6 p.m. in the evening. I went out dressed like a ninja, head to toe in black 'cause L.A. doesn't feel very safe on the street. I'm jogging, I'm running down a big road called La Cienega, there's a traffic stop, I guess you call it...There's three lanes of traffic on either side, I stop because of the traffic. I'm listening to Beyoncé very loud. And I guess because I'm very tall, I have disturbed a branch on the tree."

And then, the beehive descended on her. And no, she's not talking about Beyoncé's loyal fans.

Jamil continued, "What I don't know is—and I find this out as kind of a cloud of black descends upon me—that there's a beehive on that tree. And I had very much so pissed off the beehive that are now all over me, so I just start running into traffic. That is my natural instinct to run into six lanes of traffic. I run in, a car hits me. Yeah, I get knocked over by a car. I've just started filming The Good Place, by the way. But the car's, thankfully, slowing down because it sees a woman covered in a perm of bees, so hit they hit me while slowing down."

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As this terrifying jogging saga continued, "I go down. The bees come down on me. I get back up. I start running again. The bees continue to chase me for another five minutes, 'til finally, I turn a corner, I run down the street called 3rd, which is a very big street. There's a taco club, I guess? It's a club/taco bar. There are people standing outside smoking, and I think to myself—and it's terrible when you're in a moment of emergency to realize what an awful person you are—but I looked at those people smoking and I was like, 'You already don't care about your lives, so I'm gonna run at you with these bees."

Joking about her modicum of fame at the time, the star quipped, "'I'm on a show!' So, I lead the bees to all of these smoking people, and then I get down on the ground and I army crawl into the juice bar next door and watch everyone get stung. There are handbags flying, cigarettes flying."

Miraculously enough, the tough star was left without a single sting. "I was fine," she admitted.

Saying what everyone was undoubtedly thinking, Kimmel quipped, "This is why you can never exercise. It's so dangerous!"

He then added, "And Ted Danson is at fault for this!" To which Jamil quipped in response, "He tried to kill me!"

Clearly, Danson was just trying to help Jamil get into character. Nothing helps you play a dead person navigating the afterlife quite like a near-death experience.