The Good Place Reveals the Results of the Final Experiment

The Good Place held funerals for all its humans while the Judge (Maya Rudolph) decided the fate of all of humanity in "The Funeral to End All Funerals"

By Lauren Piester Nov 15, 2019 2:30 AMTags
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The Judge's verdict is in, and the news is...medium. 

The Good Place's big final experiment came to an end in last week's episode, and this week, the Judge decided if Michael had proved his point that the point system that decides if people go to the Good or the Bad place is inherently flawed. 

After it was proven that Chidi, Simone, John, and even kinda sorta Brent had improved, and that Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani's friends and family on earth had also improved, the Judge agreed that Michael was right, the points system is messed up, and he won!

But to the Judge, that meant that it was simply time to destroy Earth and all the humans and start over completely from scratch with a society that did fit the points system. 

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Just as the Judge was about to hit the button, Janet Janeted that button right out of her hand. The Judge tried to steal the button back out of Janet's void, but it wasn't in that Janet's void. It was apparently in the void of Bad Janet, who had read Michael's manifesto about humanity and had officially switched sides. 

Pretty soon, Good Janet and Bad Janet had a whole army of Janets behind them, forcing the Judge to search through each of their voids to find that earth-destroying button. So basically Eleanor and co. only have until she finds it to figure out what to do, and they're hoping that they actually can figure it out with the help of one conflicted philosophy expert named Chidi, who currently has no clue what's going on. 

And so yeah, you can say everybody's a bit stressed right now. 

While the Judge, Michael, and Shawn figured out the results of the experiment, Eleanor, Tahani, Jason, and Janet had stayed back in the neighborhood holding funerals for each other. These funerals involved a private plane, a swimming pool, and a bar, but also a whole bunch of kind words about how much they all mean to each other. 

So everybody's stressed but also feeling all mushy, and we're on the verge of tears 'cause of all the mushiness, and 'cause of the fact that this show is ending in a matter of weeks (on January 30, with a 90 minute finale). Hopefully Chidi and all the Janets come through next week, to at least help with the stress. 

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