Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan Says Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento Had a "Free Relationship"

Acclaimed chef passed away on Friday, June 8

June 11, 2018

Rose McGowan Celebrates Harvey Weinstein's Downfall on the Finale of CITIZEN ROSE: "We Win"

The actress turned activist celebrates new love, a victory over the monster and the culmination of her CITIZEN ROSE journey

June 1, 2018


Rose McGowan Sheds Tears for Her Fallen Sisters During Visit to Anti-Femicide Mural on CITIZEN ROSE

The actress turned activist realizes she's not alone in this somber clip

May 31, 2018

Rose McGowan Reacts to Harvey Weinstein's Indictment

Actress and CITIZEN ROSE star expresses her emotions on Instagram

May 31, 2018

Rose McGowan Walks Out of a Support Group in Italy on CITIZEN ROSE: "I Am Not #MeToo"

The activist gets frustrated when trying to share her story with a women's support group in Italy

May 30, 2018

Rose McGowan Visits the Italian Compound Where She Was Raised in a Cult on CITIZEN ROSE

Actress is exploring her roots and reliving some life changing experiences

May 30, 2018

Rose McGowan Reacts to Harvey Weinstein's Arrest: "We Got You"

After the disgraced producer’s arrest, the actress spoke out on Megyn Kelly Today

May 25, 2018

Rose McGowan Befriends Uma Thurman in Wake of Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Allegations on CITIZEN ROSE

Activist gets a sweet message of support from a fellow survivor and begins the process of healing

May 25, 2018


See the Moment Rose McGowan Finds Out She's a New York Times Best Selling Author on CITIZEN ROSE

The activist's tell-all Brave makes it onto The New York Times Best Sellers list

May 24, 2018

Rose McGowan Gets a Message of Self-Care From a Therapist on CITIZEN ROSE: ''This Role You've Taken on Seems to Be Harming You''

The activist visits a trauma therapist after suffering an emotional breakdown during her Brave press tour

May 23, 2018

Watch Rose McGowan Move Out of Her House to Pay for Harvey Weinstein Legal Fees on CITIZEN ROSE

"For me, homes have always been the only protection I've had from a scary world"

May 22, 2018

Rose McGowan Has Emotional Breakdown After a Heckler Crashes Her Brave Book Reading on CITIZEN ROSE

The long press tour for her tell-all proves to be too much for McGowan

May 18, 2018

Rose McGowan Shares Her Take on Nxivm Cult

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress opened up about her thoughts on the organization

May 9, 2018

Brave? Hero? Rose McGowan Is More Than Just a Label in Powerful New CITIZEN ROSE Promo

"It's easy to label someone but we are all more than a label"

May 3, 2018

Rose McGowan Is Striving for Balance as She Continues Her "Life's Work" in New CITIZEN ROSE Promo

The actress turned activist continues to battle for justice as her journey evolves

April 23, 2018

Rose McGowan Wishes Harvey Weinstein a "Happy F--king Birthday" in Haunting Video

"I told you we'd be coming," the actress says, taunting the producer

March 20, 2018


Rose McGowan's Motion to Dismiss Felony Drug Possession Charge Denied

Actress requests cocaine case be tossed for a variety of reasons

March 13, 2018

Rose McGowan Reacts to Former Manager Jill Messick's Death

CITIZEN ROSE star breaks her silence in an Instagram post

February 10, 2018

Rose McGowan on Harvey Weinstein's Downfall: "I Was the Architect"

See what the Citizen Rose star told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Wednesday

February 1, 2018

Rose McGowan Reacts After Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Calls Her Sexual Assault Claim a ''Lie''

She accuses the producer of rape, while his attorney says she is trying to "smear" Weinstein with a "lie" that is "denied" by Ben Affleck and another witness

February 1, 2018


Rose McGowan Slams Justin Timberlake, Clarifies Her Feelings on Meryl Streep: "I Don't Hate Her," But...

The CITIZEN ROSE star calls Streep "gross" for previously praising Harvey Weinstein

January 30, 2018


Rose McGowan Praises Kesha's "Tremendous Heart" and Courage: "We Won't Shut Up and We Won't Go Away"

The CITIZEN ROSE star gushes over the singer, a fellow sexual assault survivor

January 30, 2018

Rose McGowan Takes to the Streets to Share Her Powerful Message About Abuse on CITIZEN ROSE: "I'm Just Like You"

She's willing to share her story with anyone who will listen

January 29, 2018

Rose McGowan & Asia Argento Compare Their Stories of Sexual Assault on CITIZEN ROSE: ''You Are an Incredibly Brave Soul''

The activist meets with the actress, who shares her story of sexual assault by "the monster"

January 29, 2018