Rose McGowan Walks Out of a Support Group in Italy on CITIZEN ROSE: "I Am Not #MeToo"

The activist gets frustrated when trying to share her story with a women's support group in Italy

By Mona Khalifeh May 30, 2018 4:30 PMTags
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Rose McGowan is taking her story to Italy, but it's not always easy going global.

In this clip from Thursday's CITIZEN ROSE finale, McGowan accompanies fellow actress turned activist Asia Argento to a women's support group in Italy.

"It makes my heart happy that Asia has somewhere to go for women that support, because it's been something for me that has been fundamentally not there," McGowan tells the women.

"Asia's been also very proactive in supporting the movement because she realized that there is a movement that actually came before the #MeToo," one of the women explains to McGowan.

The women of the support group have been trying to bridge the gap between #MeToo and their own collective movement, #WeToogether. 


"I am a #MeToo. I am not #MeToo," McGowan stresses. "The stupid media always puts it together. So, it's not about me. I get feisty with that because I'm tired of it."

The conversation takes a turn when one of the women asks McGowan a question about her experience with Harvey Weinstein.

"Did he ever offer you to open the doors of Hollywood?" Argento asks after translating the question to McGowan. "This is what people think."

"Did you just say that?" McGowan asks the woman before walking away. "I find that offensive, sorry."

See the tense moment in the clip above.

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