Meryl Streep commands a group that controls people's destinies—and our attention, in the newest trailer for The Giver, a sci-fi movie based on Lois Lowry's 1993 Newbery Medal-winning book.

The 64-year-old, three-time Oscar-winning actress is always a delight to watch no matter what role she plays, but especially when she gets to portray a woman of power. In The Giver, she plays the Chief Elder alongside fellow Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges, who stars as the title character. A new trailer, released this week, features several close-up shots of Streep, who sports long silver hair and bangs and a terrifyingly calm, icy demeanor. Only this time, she left the Prada heels at home.

Meryl Streep, The Giver

Weinstein Co.

The Giver depicts a seemingly utopian society devoid of sickness, racism and war—and free will. Citizens live in a state of Sameness and they lack memories and emotions. Their jobs are given by the Elders.

"When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong," Streep says.

Our hero, teenage boy Jonas, gets what appears to be somewhat of a raw deal—he is assigned to become the next Receiver of Memories. The Giver presents him with memories of the past—the good, the bad and most importantly, the human. Will he defy the Elders and try to escape the only world he ever knew until now?

The first trailer for The Giver was released in March. Australian actor Brenton Thwaites plays Jonas. Other cast members include Katie HolmesAlexander Skarsgård of True BloodCameron Monaghan of Shameless and Israeli actress Odeya Rush, who appeared in the 2012 film The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Country superstar Taylor Swift wears a brunette wig to play The Giver's daughter in the movie.

The Giver is set for release on August 15.

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