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Guess what? Every question you have about How I Met Your Mother will be answered in the season premiere of season eight!

Wait, that's the wrong word. We meant "some questions" will be answered. Which is better than nothing, right? Before How I Met Your Mother returns with new episodes on Sept. 24, we thought we'd recap what went down in the game-changing season-seven finale, and go over every spoiler we have on season eight. Ready? Of course you are.


Barney and Robin Prepared to Get Hitched: The mystery bride was revealed to be no other than Barney's (in our humble opinion) soul mate, Robin! Ted is the best man, and Robin calls him in to her dressing room to talk about her walk down the aisle toward the Barnacle. Of course there is more to that story, since Ted (Josh Radnor) called it the "wedding day that went terribly wrong."

Ted Stole a Bride: Robin told Ted that he hasn't found the one because he may have already found her in Victoria (Ashley Williams), but she's engaged and about to get married! Until she pulled a runaway bride and went back to Ted, who in turn became crippled with guilt and decided to bring her back to her fiancé. And then he changed his mind again and totally stole her away, and last time we saw those two crazy kids, they were driving off into the sunset together.

Barney Proposed to Quinn: Even though the episode ended with a flash forward reveal that Robin and Barney are about to get married, in present time, Barney proposes to Quinn (Becky Newton), and she accepts. 

Lily and Marshall Made a Baby: A drunk Marshall (Jason Segel) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) was stuck in Atlantic City when Lily (Alyson Hannigan) went into labor.Marshall promised to let Barney choose the baby's middle name if he can get them to the hospital in time. After lots o' shenanigans, the boys make it and the latest addition to the gang gets the most awesome name ever: Marvin Wait For It Eriksen!


Barney and Robin Will Get Married: Eventually, those two will make it official and exchange rings. Of course, a lot can happen between now and that glorious day, and we know in the season premiere that both of them have cold feet. And we'll also get a quick look at how the series will end, plus the yellow umbrella returns!

Ted and Robin Have a "Thing": Something happens prior to Barney and Robin's wedding involving Ted that is causing her to have second thoughts. Is it of the romantic variety? That we aren't sure of yet, but chances are it's a doozy of a situation.

Starting Out on the Same Day: In the finale, we saw Victoria and Ted drive off together, and for the first time in HIMYM history, the season premiere will spend the entire episode exploring that same day. "Victoria left her German fiancé, Klaus, at the altar, hopped in my car, and we're riding off into the sunset. Of course, because this is How I Met Your Mother, that's not really the end of the story," Josh Radnor tells us. "Some other things happen. Some other complications [arise] from that. Because, I'll just say this, Ted was left at the altar by a girl named Stella and so it starts to weigh on him. So that's where the drama spins out of. From that."

Here Comes Season Nine? It's still early, but we do know that CBS is working with creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to extend HIMYM for a ninth season. You know what that means: more cliffhangers, more waiting and more frustration. But we also get more HIMYM, so that's good enough for us. 

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