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Warning: If you haven't watched tonight's epsiode and don't want to be spoiled for the big reveal, please do not read this. And definitely don't read this and then complain to us in the comments. 

Longtime How I Met Your Mother fans know it's always a big deal when secrets are revealed. The season-seven finale was no exception. We saw a proposal, a failed wedding, a birth and a bride from the future.

The long-awaited reveal of perpetual bachelor Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) bride is finally here. And who is the lucky lady? Wait for it...

It's Robin! 

But it's not exactly a straight line to the big day. In fact, Ted (Josh Radnor) calls it the "wedding day that went terribly wrong." But we won't get that story until later.

Laboring Lily: Lily (Alyson Hannigan) might be about ready to pop, but everyone needs to stop panicking. Robin (Cobie Smulders) has birthed a foal before, so Lily is in great hands. Robin and Ted tell stories to distract her from her blinding pain. It turns into a fantastically fun clip show of sorts with story highlights such as: "Worst Cab Ride Ever," "Ted and the Cuban Sandwich Crisis," "Barney Picks Up Girls as the Terminator," and "Ted and the Freakishly Long Arm Hair." All great names for bands. 

Planes, Trains and Motorcycles: A Very Drunk Marshall (Jason Segal) and Barney stuck in Atlantic City. AVDM (our abbreviation for A Very Drunk Marshall) promises to give the baby Barney's choice for middle name if he can get them the birth in time. Of course they make it and the littlest addition has the most awesome name ever! Welcome to the world Marvin Wait For It Eriksen!

Old Home Week: Robin gives Ted the hard truth about why he hasn't found "the one" yet. Could it be because he's already found her, Victoria (Ashley Williams)? Yes our favorite girlfriend of Ted's past is back, and this time she's the runaway bride. But our Teddy is a nice guy, and almost crippled with guilt, he takes her back to her wedding. But psych! They drive off into the sunset. Do you think Victoria could be the mother, or is this just stalling?

Wedding Bells and Barney: So in a double-whammy of HIMYM events, Barney gets engaged and we meet his future bride in the same episode. Surprise, surprise, they are two different ladies! Once a player...we kid! Barney proposes to Quinn (Becki Newton), but a little ways down the road we learn that Barney and Robin are set to get hitched!

But we are left with some major mysteries for season eight. What happened to Quinn? How did Robin and Barney head to the alter? And will they go through with the ceremony despite it being "the wedding day that went terribly wrong?" 

Do you think Barney and Robin say, "I do"? Is it possible for Victoria to end up being the titular mother? We love to speculate, so meet us in the comments! 

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