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It's been an excruciatingly long time waiting for this awesome Showtime drama to return to our TVs. 

It may be months since the Homeland finale aired, but we are just as obsessed with Brody (Damian Lewis) and Carrie (Claire Danes) as we were when he decided not to blow up a bunker and she was ranting about green pens. Good times. Even though you can watch the first 20 minutes of the season two premiere here, you still might need a refresher on what went down in season one, plus we've got scoop on what's coming up on Homeland this time around:


Big Loss: In last year's season finale Carrie was about to undergo electroconvulsive therapy when, in a twist of bad timing, she finally realized Brody's motivation to be a terrorist. Wow, that is some seriously bad timing. But it leaves the door wide open for to figure it out again in season two.

Malfunction: Good timing was Brody's daughter's phone call, just as he was going to detonate a bomb. Phew. But just because he wasn't willing to take an explosive way out doesn't exactly make Brody innocent. 


Time Warp: Homeland boss Howard Gordon dishes that there will be a time jump from the finale to the season two premiere. It's about six months to where Carrie is in a healthy place emotionally, or at least better than she was. Of course a big monkey wrench will be thrown into her recovery.

New Assignment No. 1: Carrie has started over in some ways. She has a new job and a new healthy lifestyle, until she is roped back into the CIA. We know she'll be suffering from some memory loss after ECT, but how much will she remember, if anything, about her time with Brody?

New Assignment No. 2: Brody is settling into his new job and new career, but his loyalties are still very much divided. And while he didn't blow up the bunker in last year's finale, he could still be devoted to the cause. There's a chance he is being groomed for an even higher position in the U.S. government, one that could make him a well placed and very valuable asset to Abu Nazir. 

Homeland's new season premieres on Sunday, Sept. 30, at 10 p.m.

Are you excited about the new season of Homeland? Think Carrie can remember her suspicions again? Head down to the comments!

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