Ricky Gervais

Netflix Faces Renewed Criticism After Ricky Gervais Special Mocks Trans Women

Ricky Gervais and Netflix are the subject of controversy after the comedian's special, SuperNature, featured jokes about the trans community.

May 24, 2022

Netflix & Ricky Gervais Face Backlash for Trans Jokes

Netflix is hit with renewed criticism after Ricky Gervais released his comedy special, "SuperNature," which features jokes about the transgender community.

May 24, 2022

Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon’s "Hey, Robot" Game Didn’t Exactly Go as Planned

Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon teamed up to play “Hey, Robot” The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and they quickly found out that game was harder than it seemed.

April 29, 2020

Ricky Gervais Is Thankful As "F--k" That The Golden Globes Are Over

Ricky Gervais' fifth Golden Globes hosting gig came and went—and he's happy it's over. See what he said about his envelope-pushing monologue here.

January 6, 2020

OMG! See the Best Reactions to Ricky Gervais' Shocking 2020 Golden Globes Opener

Ricky Gervais had the crowd gasping, laughing and cringing to his 2020 Golden Globes opening monologue

January 6, 2020

Ricky Gervais Does His Best to Shame the Entire Room In His 2020 Golden Globes Monologue

Ricky Gervais took shots at pretty much anyone and everyone, including the Hollywood Foreign Press Association itself, in his 2020 Golden Globes opening monologue

January 6, 2020

Ricky Gervais Teases His 2020 Golden Globes Open

The 77th Golden Globe Awards host explains what drove him to host the show for the 5th time and tells what to expect this year!

January 5, 2020

2020 Golden Globes: By the Numbers

With Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, J.Lo & more nominated for the 77th Golden Globe Awards...Ricky Gervais will be hosting an A-list show!

January 3, 2020

Ricky Gervais Addresses Alleged Transphobic Tweets Before 2020 Golden Globes

Brace yourselves, for Ricky Gervais is about to unleash his comedy upon you at the 2020 Golden Globes, and yes, you might get offended.

January 2, 2020

Ranking the Best Golden Globes Hosts Over the Years

There's a short list of hosts for the Golden Globes over years, with Ricky Gervais serving in the role the most

December 31, 2019


Ricky Gervais Has the Perfect Golden Globes Drinking Game for Viewers to Play

Exclusive! Ricky Gervais takes us behind the scenes of the Golden Globes

December 23, 2019

2020 Golden Globe Nominations: All the History Making Moments We May See at the Show

The 2020 Golden Globes nominations were announced on Monday and now, ahead of the show, we're breaking down which of your favorite stars, shows and movies could make history come the January show.

December 9, 2019

How to Watch the 2020 Golden Globes Nominations Livestream

Find out all the details on presenters, front-runners for this year and how to tune-in to the highly-anticipated ceremony

December 6, 2019

Ricky Gervais Is Already Causing a Splash in First 2020 Golden Globes Promo

Ricky Gervais is set to host the 2020 Golden Globes in January. See the first promo video for the award show here!

November 28, 2019

Pierce Brosnan's Sons Paris and Dylan Named Golden Globes Ambassadors 2020

Pierce Brosnan's sons Dylan and Paris will be this year's 2020 Golden Globes Ambassadors.

November 15, 2019

Why You Won't See the Fiji Water Girl at the 2020 Golden Globes

The 2020 Golden Globes are going to be missing everyone's favorite water girl and here's why.

November 12, 2019

Ricky Gervais Set to Host the 2020 Golden Globes for the "Very Last Time"

Ricky Gervais will host the 77th annual Golden Globes on January 5, 2020. Get all of the details here.

November 12, 2019

Chris Rock and Louis C.K. Spark Backlash for Dropping the N-Word in Old Video

A clip from a 2011 HBO special, also featuring Ricky Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld, resurfaced this weekend.

December 23, 2018

Ricky Gervais Jokes About Avoiding the ''Awful'' Human Species at All Costs—and That Includes Having Babies

Actor discusses his distaste for human beings and his return to stand up

November 1, 2017

Ricky Gervais Uses a Graphic Personal Story to Reveal the Horrors of Aging

Comedian participates in "Random People, Random Questions" segment

October 25, 2016

Would Ricky Gervais Host the Oscars?

Find out if the 4-time Golden Globes host would consider taking center stage at the Academy Awards. Hear it!

April 25, 2016