Ricky Gervais Jokes About Avoiding the ''Awful'' Human Species at All Costs—and That Includes Having Babies

Actor discusses his distaste for human beings and his return to stand up

By Cydney Contreras Nov 01, 2017 7:24 PMTags

Ricky Gervais is at a point in his life where he feels like he can say and do anything, including avoiding the "awful" human species

For example, while visiting with fellow comedian Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, the Brit revealed the lengths he will go to in order to avoid meet-and-greets with fans.

"I am in the car before they finish clapping," he joked, "Helicopters—anything—to get me out of there."

With age, the comedian has become even more emboldened by the excuse of "old people's rights." While DeGeneres points out that he has always spoken his mind, his "Humanity" stand up tour has provided him with a new platform to share his grievances with the world and just how much he dislikes human beings.

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He explained (sarcastically) that the show is about him "whining from the most privileged position imaginable."

It's all in good humor, Gervais insists, but he truly does prefer dogs over humans, saying, "I like people, they are just not my favorite animal."


Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

In fact, Gervais—who's been dating Jane Fallon for 35 years—admitted he'll take pets over children any day.

The charmingly pessimistic actor incited laughs when he said, "It's really an odd question to ask someone, 'Why don't you have children,' as opposed to asking someone, 'Why do you have children?'"

In addition to overpopulation and the needy nature of children, the actor said he simply worries about his cat enough as it is.

"I put food and water in every room in case the door closes," he explained. "And it is peckish for twenty minutes, so no, a human baby is just too much responsibility."

Meanwhile, the comedian let stand up take a backseat to his acting and directing careers over the last seven years, but he has recently returned to the art with his new tour.

He feels that his passion for the stage has been renewed since he started touring a year ago, telling DeGeneres, "I love it more than anything."