Mayim Bialik

Jeopardy! Executive Producer Teases Host Shake Up in the Near Future

Jeopardy! may have some hosting news in its near future. Find out the hosting update executive producer Michael Davies shared at the 2022 Daytime Emmys.

June 27, 2022

Jeopardy!'s Mayim Bialik Reveals What Really Happens When a Clue Correction Occurs

It turns out Jeopardy! works some TV magic when they need to figure out a clue correction. See what host Mayim Bialik revealed about the behind-the-scenes proceedings.

April 29, 2022


Mayim Bialik Addresses Jeopardy! Wardrobe Controversy

Mayim Bialik shared her thoughts on her hilarious Jeopardy! wardrobe controversy on E! News' Daily Pop, as well as her experience directing the new film As They Made Us.

April 13, 2022

See Every Star at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet

Ahead of the 2022 Critics' Choice Awards, stars brought their fashion A-Game to the red carpet.

March 13, 2022

Yes, Steve Martin Could Really Guest-Host Jeopardy!

We'll take "Celebrity Look–Alikes" for $1,000, please! After fans noticed a striking resemblance between Jeopardy's latest winner and Steve Martin, the legendary comedian is entering the chat.

December 21, 2021

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings to Stay on as Jeopardy! Hosts for the Rest of Season 38

Please welcome our 2022 Jeopardy! hosts: Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. Check out the exciting details here!

December 8, 2021

BEST "Big Bang Theory" Moments at People Choice Awards

From Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki stealing the show to acceptance speeches with the cast, watch the best "Big Bang Theory" moments from the PCAs.

December 1, 2021

"Hurt" Mayim Bialik Sets the Record Straight on "Anti-Vaxxer" Accusations

After Mayim Bialik faced backlash for her past comments about vaccines, The Big Bang Theory alum is clearing the air.

November 19, 2021

Mayim Bialik Teases a Blossom Family Reunion You Don't Want to Miss

Hold on to your hats: Twenty-six years after the cast of Blossom took their final bow, Mayim Bialik, Joey Lawrence, Jenna von Oy and Michael Stoyanov are reuniting on air.

November 16, 2021

Mayim Bialik Reveals Her Broadway Show Mishap That Sparked Feud With Neil Patrick Harris

If you wanted to invite Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik to a musical, don't. The actress revealed how her behavior years ago at one show caused a problem between her and another star.

September 29, 2021

Mayim Bialik to Guest Host Jeopardy! Following Mike Richards' Exit

Mayim Bialik will fill in as guest host of Jeopardy! as the show continues to search for a permanent host of its daily syndicated program.

August 23, 2021

Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik Named New Jeopardy! Hosts

After a long search to see who will replace the late Alex Trebek, two new Jeopardy! hosts have been announced. Scroll on for all the details.

August 11, 2021

The Search for Jeopardy!'s New Host Is Nearly Over as Front-Runner Emerges

Following a string of guest hosts, a source tells E! News that Jeopardy executive producer Mike Richards is close to locking down a deal to succeed the late Alex Trebek.

August 5, 2021

Fans Love Mayim Bialik's Stint as "Jeopardy!" Host

"Big Bang Theory" alum Mayim Bialik impresses the iconic show's audience with her performance--and Dr. Bialik gives E! News her take on the hype!

June 3, 2021

Mayim Bialik and Jonathan Cohen Prove to Be an Unstoppable Team on Celebrity Game Face

On last night's all-new Celebrity Game Face, Mayim Bialik dominated as she and teammate Jonathan Cohen faced off against Rob Riggle and Darren Leader and Shanola Hampton and Daren Dukes.

September 25, 2020

Rob Riggle Has Everyone Laughing During Chubby Bunny on Celebrity Game Face

In this clip from an all-new Celebrity Game Face, Rob Riggle has Kevin Hart and his fellow contestants cracking up during Chubby Bunny.

September 24, 2020

The Big Bang Theory Cast Asked Each Other a Bunch of Revealing Questions That'll Leave You Shook

Stephen Colbert solicited a bunch of anonymous queries from the stars of the long-running CBS show

May 17, 2019

See The Big Bang Theory's Epic Final Flash Mob for the Studio Audience

Kaley Cuoco made sure the big dance performance was covered from all angles

February 13, 2019

Bazinga! Check Out All of The Big Bang Theory's Crazy Cameos Over the Years That Still Have Us Shook

The comedy series has quite a star-studded list of guest appearances. Check them out here

November 7, 2018

After The Big Bang Theory Ends, What's Next for the Cast?

Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki will be in high demand when the CBS comedy ends.

October 5, 2018

The Big Bang Theory Star Mayim Bialik on the Show Ending: "Am I Happy? Of Course Not"

The actress gets real about her feelings in an emotional blog post.

August 23, 2018