One is a competition designed to find the next singing sensation. The other is a ruthless battle of survival.

However, if you're talking with American Idol judge Keith Urban he believes these two events are exactly the same. The country star recently sat with host Ryan Seacrest in an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview for E! News, and Urban revealed that the competition is really starting to heat up between the remaining Idol contestants.

"There's friendliness, but you've got the rivalry too. Let's not deny it, it is The Hunger Games," the judge revealed. As the group of Idol hopefuls gets smaller and smaller, Keith spilled that "based on consistency" he knows exactly which three singers will still be standing in the end. 

Keith Urban, Jenifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr., American Idol

Michael Becker / FOX

All season, Urban has been playfully butting heads with fellow judge Harry Connick Jr. but the Grammy award-winning artist told Seacrest that it's all in good fun.

"We disagree about a lot of things because we're just wired differently and we respond differently to music." He explained. "We react differently, different things appeal to us, different things impress us. Although that's not true, nothing impresses Harry."

Take a look at our exclusive sit-down interview with Keith above for even more Idol scoop. Plus, find out what Jennifer Lopez and the judges are really up to on all those commercial breaks. 

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