Australia Day

Yesterday was the national day of Australia, aka Australia Day (how's that for a self-explanatory title)! It's a celebration of the Brits arriving in 1788 and this year's festivities were so Australian.

Here's what went down, uh, Down Under:

1. Beach day in January! Note the Australian ass backpack.

2. It's 70's and sunny in Sydney and only getting hotter this week!

(Note, of course: That Australian ass speedo! That's a nice speedo!)

3. All of these dresses, especially that dude's shiny sequined dress.

4. These sunglasses. That's a pretty Australian ass photobomb too.

5. These Australian crimefighters.

Every good superhero should have an Australian ass visor.

6. This Australian yacht. For when you want to fancy and Australian.

And rich.

7. This super Australian nail art. Cute mani, girl!

8. This Australian dog.

9. And this Australian dog.

10. And this kangaroo, the dog's of Australia!*

(*We know kangaroos are not the puppies of Australia. You do not need to remind us and thus further crush our dreams that we will never have a pet kangaroo.)

11. This Australia Day breakfast: Vegemite and toast.

12. And this entire Australian ass Australia day meal.

13. This guy giving Didgeridoo lessons to a bunch of kids.

14. Everything about this picture: The stuffed kangaroo! The kangaroo onesie! The snowman wearing an Australian flag! Snowman? Yes, snowman!

15. These people partying.

16. And these people partying.

17. And these people partying.

18. And these people partying.

And these people will have none of your American flag at their party.

19. And no Australia Day would be complete without: Hot Australian bros!

20. You got a hot Australian bro!

21. And you get a hot Australian bro!

22. Everyone gets a hooot Auuuustralian brooooooo!

23. Of course, fireworks.

After New Year's Eve, we all know how much Australians love their fireworks.

24. And the most Australian thing that ever Australiaed on Australia Day.

This guy.

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