And spoiler alert: This may be what your New Year's Eve looks like too, mates.

1. It was out with the old...

2. And in with the new! In Australia, that meant lots of champagne.


3. And dancing.

(Pro Tip: If you're not good at dancing, apply champagne first.)

4. Everything was all lit up, looking nice:

5. And then it was time for the countdown.

(WARNING: You may want to turn the volume down on a few of these.)

6. And fireworks.

So many fireworks.



9. In Perth.

10. In Sydney.

11. Fireworks.

12. Fireworks!


14. Fi. Re. Works.

15. It looked like one hell of a show.

16. And one hell of a celebration.

Things were equally as beautiful over in New Zealand.

17. Sky Tower was all lit up!

18. And what happened as the clock struck midnight...

19. Was quite the sight to see.


21. WARNING: Lots of "whoo!"-ing.

But it kind of deserves all that "whoo!"-ing, no?

22. There were other countdowns around N.Z.

23. And, of course, plenty more fireworks...

24. Happy 2014!

If you're an Aussie or Kiwi reading this, tell us: What's the future like?!

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