Lorde, Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift may still be 23 years old in the States, but she's already turned 24 in Australia!

The Red singer, who's currently Down Under while on tour, enjoyed an early birthday dinner in Melbourne today with New Zealand singer Lorde.

Swift, who was dressed in a red dress with matching red purse and lipstick, was spotted dining with the "Royals" singer and a group of friends. The duo was all smiles while laughing and chatting at local eatery Hibatchi Japanese Grill just hours before Swift's actual b-day (Dec. 13).

Swift has Friday off to enjoy her birthday before a Saturday concert in Melbourne.

Upon touching down in Australia, Swift was surprised by masses of fans who serenaded the birthday girl. "Perth! Insane crowd! When you randomly all started singing happy birthday... Well played," the Grammy winner tweeted.

She also shared, "It would appear that I'm now 24. That's on Australia time though. Still 23 in the States."

Swift also shared a Vine video of a cat-covered birthday card her mom sent her that was signed by Swift's cat Meredith. "Not sure this was totally necessary," she says in the clip.

And to top it all off, Swift received quite the birthday gift this morning: "Sweeter Than Fiction," the song she cowrote for the film One Chance, was nominated for a Golden Globe earlier today. She tweeted, "A Golden Globe nomination on my birthday... I think it's safe to say there will be no walking for me today, only skipping and frolicking."

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