Are you watching the Grammys closely? Like really closely? Because if you are you may have noticed the blink-and-you-miss-it moment where Lorde let her adorableness shine through.

(And yes, we know she would hate that we called her adorable.)

Miguel and Ariana Grande announced the "Royals" singer as the winner of the Best Pop Solo Performance award and for a moment she didn't react. Then her eyes kind of bugged out and she started walking to the stage.

Meanwhile, no one looked happier than fellow nominee Katy Perry.

The moody pop star (who is either very tall or Miguel is very small, whatever) couldn't stifle a smile as she took the mic and said, "Hello. This is the one that I did not expect the most about tonight, so thank you so much."

She continued to her fellow nominees (Mars, Bareilles, Perry, Timberlake), "I think mostly to Bruno, to Sara, to Katy, to Justin, I have been so inspired by all of your vocal work at some point in my life, so thank you." 

And then she did this:

Said, "Thank you so much" and walked offstage.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Merritt Weaver of the Grammys.

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