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    Fergie & Josh Duhamel's New Baby Boy Axl Jack: Check Out His Potential Superstar Playmates!

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    Fergie, Josh Duhamel
    Fergie, Josh Duhamel Rachel Murray/WireImage; Getty Images; Twitter

    Welcome to Hollywood, Axl Jack!

    After numerous baby shower celebrations, Fergie and Josh Duhamel were finally introduced to their little boy after the Black Eyed Peas singer gave birth to their bundle of joy in Los Angeles after checking into Cedars-Sinai Hospital for a pre-scheduled C-section earlier in the day.

    And lucky for Axl, he's one of many celebuspawns to be born recently, which means he very well might be sharing the sandbox with at least one of these superstar babies...

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    Jessica Simpson, US Weekly US Weekly

    1. Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Son: Joint birthday parties, anyone? Should Axl Jack ever want to share his special day with a celeb pal, he can team up with the star's baby boy (whose name has yet to be revealed). The actress' son with with fiancé Cutter Dykstra was born yesterday.

    2. Ace Knute: They could be the new generation's Maverick and Goose! Not only do their names put together sound like a force to be reckoned with (watch out, Ace Knute & Axl Jack comin' through!), but Fergie's little boy and Jessica Simpson's son are only two months apart. We predict a bromance in their future.

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    3. Prince George: If Duhamel's son wants to reach ultra-popularity status (although, with parents like Josh and Fergie Ferg, we doubt he'd be lacking on cool points), he can hang with Kate Middleton and Prince William's newborn. No one wants to mess with the future king's friend.

    4. North West: Assuming Axl has no hard feelings on the tiny tot snagging that name first, he can most definitely hang with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby girl at some point. Who knows? They may even become each other's crush (that's if Duke Rancic doesn't get her first).

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    Prince George, North West, John Stillwell/WPA-Pool/Getty Images/Twitter

    5. Noah Bublé: Born only a couple days apart, Fergie's little man may find himself hanging out with Michael Bublé's son. And if Noah is anything like his father, he can probably team up with Axl to charm the little girls at the park.

    6. Carmen Baldwin: Axl can definitely keep up with his fitness if he becomes friendly with Alec Baldwin's daughter. After all, her mother Hilaria is a yoga instructor.

    7. Winnie Rose: Not only will Fergie and Josh's son be guaranteed a good time hanging with this little girl's parents (can you imagine a day with Jimmy Fallon?), but he'll also gain some protection from Winnie's ferocious adorable guard dog.

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