Jimmy Fallon, Dog

Twitter/Frederic M. Brown/Getty Images

Puppy protection!

Jimmy Fallon shared a pic of his adorable golden retriever, Gary, lying next to his newborn daughter's pink bassinet on Twitter earlier today.

He captioned the precious pic, "I'll always love you, Gary."

The cryptic tweet left fans wondering whether the pup had passed away and become ill. Jimmy quickly clarified by saying, "Sorry for any confusion. My dog is happy and healthy and just taking care of her little sister."

The four-legged fur ball, who was first welcomed to the Fallon family last September, seems to have taken its new role as big sis, watchdog and best friend to heart.

In a separate tweet, Fallon shared a pic of Gary floating on a raft in the middle of a pool. What a ruff life!

But it's not all sun and fun for the canine. Considering the latest family addition Winnie Rose is not even a month old, we're guessing there are some sleep deprived nights occurring.

The Late Night host announced the news of his daughter's arrival last month and revealed on the Today show that he and his wife Nancy Juvonen used a surrogate.

"It wasn't really a secret, but my wife and I have been trying for a while to have a baby," he said. "And so we've tried a bunch of things. And so we had a surrogate."

Jimmy Fallon, Dog

Twitter/Frederic M. Brown/Getty Images

The couple also wanted to keep things hush hush in the beginning.

"This time, we just said we're not telling anybody," he added. "It'd just be more fun if it was just private between me and my wife, and we get to introduce her to everybody. When it happened, we were shocked!"

Two days after Winnie was born, Fallon introduced his daughter to the world via a precious snapshot on Instagram that showed the tot wearing an adorable pink-and-blue knitted bonnet with a large bow.

What a proud papa! 

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