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So You Think You Can Dance It's the moment you've all been waiting for—the moment big boss man Nigel Lythgoe has been twittering about for weeks: Your SYTYCD season seven all-stars are finally here! And we've got to say, with all the afoot at what's got to be our favorite reality competition series (sorry Project Runway, we love you, too!), it's really nice to see some familiar faces.

So which former finalists are heading back to the dance floor for another ride on Mary Murphy's Hot Tamale Train? You've probably guessed at least two (see above: duh!), but are you ready for more? And how about some scoop on Modern Family and American Idol, too?

Obviously, hip-hop extraordinaire Stephen "Twitch" Boss and contemporary beauty Kathryn McCormick are returning as all-star partners, and these are the rest of 'em:

Season two's Allison Holker; season three's Anya Garnis, Lauren Gottlieb, Neil Haskell, Pasha Kovalev and Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval; season four's Comfort Medoke, Courtney Galiano, Mark Kanemura; and season five's Ade Obayomi.

There you have it, you dancin' fools. Are you loving these SYTYCD picks or are you loving them?!

American Idol Way to go, guys! So far, Idol Gives Back has raised almost $45 million for its various charities in need of some serious financial help. "Once again, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the American Idol viewers," Idol creator Simon Fuller said in a statement Friday.

Modern Family Guess who's coming to dinner? The fantabulous folks over at ModFam were the recent recipients of what we can only imagine was the best meal ever when Bravo's Top Chef Masters took the cast to task with some tasty dishes. Challenged to make a classic meal "more modern," who better to judge than the Modern folks themselves?

Web Therapy: This deserves a whoo and an even bigger hoo! Showtime has picked up Lisa Kudrow's hit online series, Web Therapy, and is bringing it to the small screen. Our favorite Friend plays a wacky therapist who sorta treats clients via webcam—oh, and the clients are usually huge celebs like Courteney Cox and Jane Lynch. So far, 10 half-hour episodes are scheduled to air, but more are expected to turn up. "Showtime is the only place on television where this belongs," Lisa said Friday of her long-running web hit. "I couldn't dream of a better television home for this series. I'm thrilled." Ditto!

Sons Of Anarchy: There's no place like home—even for an on-the-lam killer! All right, SOA's Gemma (Katey Sagal) is totally innocent, but according to the latest FX casting scoop, she's headed straight to her pops for help. Five-time Emmy winner Hal Holbrook joins SOA in the season-three premiere as Gemma's dad, Nate Madock, and we cannot wait. Five months and counting...

What are you thoughts on the upcoming SYTYCD all-stars? Was anyone left out? Sound off in the comments.


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