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Starting with the Grammys, moving on to the Oscar nominations and ending up with Charlie Sheen's car going off a cliff, this was quite the week.

And since there was so much news, we won't waste time with platitudes (must have heard that word on Colbert or something).

Away we go:

1. Poor Taylor Swift. Fearless wins the Grammy for Album of the Year, and all anyone can talk about is how the songbird can't sing. Doesn't really seem fair, does it, considering Beyoncé cleaned up at the Grammys anyway (and according to Kanye West, had the best video of 2009)? So now Taylor's record label is defending her, and Kelly Clarkson is defending her from he label...No wonder Taylor may be seeking solace with John Mayer (and not Cory Monteith). For those of you not too ticked off by Taylor's big win, we've got all your Grammy coverage right here.

2. Avatar and The Hurt Locker will go neck and neck at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards on March 7, each heading in with a field-leading nine nominations. Can you believe Kathryn Bigelow's nod is only the fourth time a woman's been up for Best Director? And if she wins, it'll be the first time a male director has had his ass handed to him by his ex-wife at the Oscars. Alongside Avatar in the newly expanded Best Picture category are District 9, The Blind Side and Up. Everything you need to get ready for this year's ceremony is right here.



3. Lost returned with a two-hour, time-space-continuum-dividing season premiere, and now we're watching the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 both deplaning in L.A. and facing the latest round of weirdos hanging around the electromagnetic Island. Locke isn't Locke, the guy with the black shirt found a loop hole and Jack still can't get handle on his dad's body. (And you must know by now that Lost is not one of those shows you can leave on the DVR for four whole days without getting bombarded with spoilers!) Still, we can't wait for next week! But don't worry, when they're not catching up with Elizabeth Mitchell and the rest of the cast, Watch With Kristin is still talking about all your other favorite shows, as well.

4. According to the coroner's autopsy findings, Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia and multiple drug intoxication, the latter of which isn't too far off from what killed Heath Ledger. In another sad case, complications from diabetes, a disease she'd battled almost her entire young life, killed heiress Casey Johnson. With Tila Tequila feeling both vindicated by the revelation and fed up with Twitter, we can only hope she has decided to move far, far away from anywhere with Internet.

5. The Michael Jackson case is front and center in the L.A. legal world again, with cops and lawyers disagreeing over whether or not Dr. Conrad Murray should be allowed to quietly turn himself in before an arraignment on involuntary manslaughter charges, which is now supposed to occur Monday, after having been postponed for a bit (not including the seven months since Jackson's death). The LAPD thinks they should be the one bringing Murray in, and Jermaine Jackson says to give him the works—cuffs, fingerprints, mug shot, etc.

Justin Mentell

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6. R.I.P., Justin Mentell. The 27-year-old Boston Legal actor was killed in a single-car crash early Tuesday, leaving friends and colleagues like William Shatner and Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno shaken and saddened by the tragic loss.

7. Deadliest Catch skipper Phil Harris suffered a stroke last week, but is said to be showing signs of improvement after undergoing emergency surgery in Alaska. It's lucky he wasn't struck down while on the wrong side of the bridge to nowhere...

8. Apparently, we aren't supposed to know when celebrities such as Kristen Stewart are called for jury duty...yet normal folks bitch about it to whoever will listen. Maybe the New Moon wolves had just been summoned and that's why they were so nasty about Taylor Lautner's latest role, even though they're in the movie he might get the Razzie for...Speaking of attitudes, Mel Gibson still can't keep his mouth shut. It's almost endearing at this point. (Almost, we said. Yeesh!)

9. Hodgepodge: Ew!...Ew?...Girl power!...Guess the sexy celebrity daughter!...Check out the heroic Duggar brothers!...Inside Jennifer Aniston's house...Robert Pattinson's Remember Me press plans...Album aspirations for Kurt Cobain's kid...An interesting idea for American Idol...More help for Haiti came from BET...Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey reinserted themselves into the "does vaccinating cause autism?" debate...Trial date set for Howard K. Stern...Divorce settlement for Kate Walsh...Brooke Mueller's about rested enough to face her husband in court...Is Tiger Woods ready for a comeback?...Tiffany Thornton is engaged...as is young Leven Rambin...Ian Ziering too...Willie Garson's adopting...A son for Sarah Jane Morris...Eminem and his ex are not expecting...R.I.P., Frances Reid.

10. Tune into CBS Sunday to see Kendra Wilkinson taking on Kim Kardashian in...wait, what? There's more to Super Bowl XLIV than their rivalry? Oh. Well, there's still been plenty of good-natured ribbing between Mrs. Hank Baskett and Reggie Bush's girlfriend, and E! Online will also be all over the party circuit in Miami this weekend to tell you what's happening off the gridiron. Plus, check out our preview of some of the commercials premiering during game time.


This is who we've spotted getting primed for the Super Bowl so far, and we'll keep updating as the stars pour into South Beach, so stay tuned!

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