Beyonce Knowles

Age: 35; September 04, 1981

Despite her expressions of doubt, when Beyoncé strutted out on stage as part of the girl band Destiny's Child, we were all totally ready for that jelly. In fact, the world ate it (and everything Mrs. Jay-Z has done since) up with a spoon.

And now, after a 2013 Super Bowl halftime triumph and (controversial) Presidential Inauguration performance, she's quite possibly the biggest pop star in the world.

Whether she's coyly glamming it up as Beyoncé or singing her heart out her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, the "Bootylicious" performer gives audiences her all–energetic dance numbers, fun and catchy lyrics and a beauty that threatens us all to fall "Crazy in Love."

A former opening act for Christina Aguilera, Queen B's arresting presence has carried over to the big screen, too. From acclaimed performances in Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records to funny turns in such flicks as Austin Powers in Goldmember, the Grammy winner has won praise as an actress.

Her love life is equally enviable. The "Baby Boy" singer met Jay-Z while recording her first solo album Dangerously in Love in 2003. Beyoncé's man-to-be even appeared in the hit single "Crazy in Love," and the two obviously were. And in 2013, they topped the E! list of Hollywood Power Couples.

The nickname-free pair went on to become one of pop's biggest couples, with tongues wagging about the "Diva" singer's $5 million engagement ring in 2007 and a somewhat suspicious baby bump three years later.

When that bump appeared to fold during a televised interview, speculation grew that the Epic star wore a prosthetic to conceal the use of a surrogate–an allegation Beyoncé denounced as "just crazy."

All the talk died down when Blue Ivy Carter was born on January 7, 2012. Hers was the baby coo that was heard ‘round the world (literally, Jay-Z featured his newborn's cries on his song, "Glory," which he wrote in tribute to the couple's bundle of joy).

With all the films, hit songs and sold-out shows to her credit, Beyoncé has said that nothing comes close to motherhood.

She followed up the birth by opening 2013 with a marathon of pop dominance: She sang the national anthem Barack Obama's second inauguration (igniting a firestorm after it was revealed she used a backing track) and wowed with a Super Bowl halftime performance that reunited Destiny's Child

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