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Since their bonzo break-up, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have completely distanced themselves from each other—in every way.

While Brad has taken on more serious film roles, Jen gunned for the light-hearted fare. As Brad began having kids, Jen was linked to more men. And, while Brad rarely does interviews, Jen continues to blab, blab, blab to the press. These two seemed like they couldn't be any more different, right?


Both exes have been frolicking around for photographers, abroad and in the states, generating press for their upcoming projects. Both skipped the celebrity-friendly Academy Awards. And both babes know the power of a sexy media sexy salvo better than anything else...

Enter acclaimed photographer Steven Klein, who just shot Jen and Gerard Butler for W—and the results remind of us a little spread from 2005.

Jen and Gerry's photoshoot is shockingly reminiscent of the notorious piece "Domestic Bliss" that Brangelina did for W when they were promoting Mr. and Mrs. Smith. You know, the one where they played house and looked like they were totally in love—when Brad was married?

Both spreads take place in the desert while the actors role-play; Brad and Angelina were a 60s married couple while Jen and Gerry's shoot is titled "Speed Trap".

The magazine's release coincides with countless rumors swirling about Jen and Gerry's relationship and the release of their film The Bounty Hunter. The parallels are hardly a coincidence. Jen learned well from her man. The ex-husband, that is. (And vice versa, mind you.)


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