Demi Lovato Wastes No Time Responding to Someone Who Called Her Team "Rotten"

"Sorry Not Sorry" singer defended her friends

By Lena Grossman Nov 18, 2018 4:14 AMTags
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Demi Lovato is "Sorry Not Sorry" when it comes to defending her friends, and most of all, her close team.

On Thursday, a Demi Lovato fan account posted comments on both Facebook and Twitter that related to the singer's team. "It was completely unfair to fire Dani, she's one of the few who really cares about demi's health and has been helping her for 3 years, she's surrounded by people who only care about her money and she does not see it," the post said.

"The demi team is so rotten and she does not realize it," the caption read. "Needs a total change, mainly from dancers pretending to be friends."

In a screenshot captured by @commentsbycelebs, Lovato replied twice to the statement. "You have no idea what you're talking about," she refuted. "True friends don't do interviews about you when you OD."

The "dani" that the fan account was referring to was most likely Lovato's backup dancer, Dani Vitale. Lovato, however, shut those rumors down.

Inside Demi Lovato's Post-Rehab Recovery: Everything We Know

 Lovato suffered an apparent overdose on July 24 and spent nearly two weeks in the hospital. She then spent time in a rehab facility and was spotted in Los Angeles on Nov. 4. Since her time in recovery, the singer's mom and sisters have both said that she's "working really hard on her sobriety."

A few weeks after Lovato was hospitalized, Vitale denied having any part in the matter. "I have NEVER touched nor even SEEN a drug in my entire life. I DO NOT DO DRUGS, nor would I ever encourage, or supply them to anyone I love," Vitale wrote on Instagram on Aug. 6.

The "Confident" singer broke her social media silence on Nov. 6 after sharing a photo of herself voting and encouraging others to do so. Lovato has been spotted out and about Los Angeles with designer Henri Alexander Levy, but sources say they are not dating. An insider shared with E! News that Levy is "serving as her sober companion."

The source continued, "Demi wants to be around people who are like-minded and Henri is good energy for her. They spend a huge amount of time together but Demi is not focused on dating. Demi is very focused on her health."

According to our source, Lovato has a "whole different mindset" now. "She has been following all of the steps and guidelines put in place by her specialists," which includes "working out with a trainer several days per week and eating right."