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While a natural disaster dominated the news, the celebriverse still whipped up plenty of human-made catastrophe (and pleasant stuff!) to write home about...

SANDY SUBMERGES: Celebs in New York and beyond rallied for relief and were constantly tweeting observations and well-wishes after superstorm Sandy pounded the East Coast with wind, rain and snow. Big Apple-based boys like Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and native Brooklynite Jimmy Kimmel worked to keep the laughs coming. Stewart, Fallon, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Fey and more spoke and sang at a pulled-together-in-no-time telethon benefiting storm relief. Companies like Disney, News Corp and more pulled six figures out of their pockets. So, basically, the hurricane-like conditions brought out the best in people. And, as always, the real stars were the first responders and all the other heroes who kept the city humming in the darkness.

Would you like to help? Text REDCROSS to 90999 ($10 donation) or visit redcross.org

COUNTRY STRONG: Partners in life and music Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambertdominated the 46th Annual CMA Awards, though hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwoodtried to attract as much attention to Taylor Swift's personal life as they could. 

7TH HEAVEN: So, Disney gobbled up Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion (it's all going to charity, FTW) and is going to make Star Wars 7, 8 and 9. No big humongous freakin' deal, right?!

DAWN ON THE HORIZON: Just when it seemed like it would never be Nov. 16 and that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might never wear super-creepy masks together again—it almost is and they did! We've got enough scoop straight from Robsten, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 clan to last you until it's time to line up for your midnight screening.

THE X-RATED FACTOR: Khloé Kardashian Odom received a warm welcome from her X Factor friends and fans—but the room may have still been a little cold, as evidenced by the prominent nipple action visible under the host's sheer-at-times blouse. No wonder they dressed her in opaque leather the next night.

HALLOWEEN HORRORS AND HAHAS: See what your favorite celebs dressed up as this year, from Chris Brown's terrorist getup to Ellen DeGeneres' spot-on Sofia Vergara look.

TRAGEDY: Natina Reed, member of R&B group Blaque and an actress in Bring It On, died after being hit by a car; she was 32...Mitch Lucker, frontman for metal band Suicide Silencedied in a motorcycle crash; he was 28.

A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE: Hulk Hogan settled his lawsuit against old pal Bubba the Love Sponge and Heather Clem, but his bout with Gawker over posting the sex tape rages on.

SPEARS SUIT SPIKED: A judge dismissed Sam Lutfi's entire lawsuit against Britney Spears and her parents after determining that he had no way to prove the various alleged offenses he was suing after occurred. Now, on with Brit's amazing second chapter!

PAT THE BUNNY: Unable to find a sitter and without a nanny for now, Kelsey Grammer and wife Kayte opted to bring 3-month-old daughter Faith with them to the Playboy Mansion's annual Halloween bash. Trick-or-treat!

FROST/MCCARTNEY: Paul McCartney told David Frost in a new interview that Yoko Ono did not break up the Beatles. For more, you have to watch their sit-down when it airs on Al Jazeera English.

ROMANCE ROUNDUP: Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria's Secret Angel Erin Heatherton split up...Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora seem pretty official...Ashton Kutcher and not-pregnant Mila Kunis are going strong in Australia...Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle went bowling with the same crowd. Is he looking to score?...Hilary Swank has a new beau, French real estate broker Laurent Fleury...Do Jef Holm's cryptic tweets mean he's having regrets about his split from Emily Maynard?...Russell Brand and Katy Perry caught the Lakers' home opener from opposite ends of the court...Pippa Middleton could be dating a new gent, banker James Matthews.

THEY DID: After many false alarms, Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood tied the knot...Levi Johnston married Sunny Oglesby in Alaska.

THEY WILL: The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham is engaged to Cottrell Guidry...Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood, 65, is engaged to 34-year-old Sally Humphreys.

SCREEN PLAY: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director, Francis Lawrence, will also helm both installments of Mockingjay...Jodie Foster will get the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes...Frank Grillo will play the villainous Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier...

MUSICAL NOTES: Miley Cyrus makes out with a unicorn and acts with porn star Jessie Andrews in her new "Decisions" video...Steve Aoki cancels Bilbao show after three people are killed in a crowd rush during concert in Madrid...Bill Dees, cowrote "Oh, Pretty Woman" with Roy Orbison, died at 73...Soundgarden's back with a new song, "Non-State Actor"...In time for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, here's Green Day's video for "The Forgotten"...That said, Green Day has canceled its remaining 2012 commitments and postponed its 2013 concert dates...Taylor Swift's Red sold more first-week copies than any album since 2002...

FIGURING THINGS OUT: Octomom Nadya Suleman checked into rehab—but not for an addiction to babies.

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