Steven Tyler

Curtis Means/ACE/

There's a reason why rock stars stick to evening gigs, and Steven Tyler might've just given us exhibits A and B as proof.

While appearing on the Today show this morning, Steven Tyler & Co. (OK, really just Steven Tyler) made not one but two viral-ready gaffes, starting with when he dropped a live F-bomb on TV.

Oh, Tom Hanks. What hath you wrought?

The accidental curse word took place as Aerosmith was readying to take to the stage during the show's 8 o'clock hour.

While Al Roker was giving a weather update, the band was onstage revving up the crowd ahead of their first song, though clearly unaware that their mics were in fact already on.

"Hey y'all...Thanks for coming out, you crazy f--kers," Tyler could be heard saying against the backdrop of a weather map.

"What did he just say?" Roker asked. "That's why they haven't done mornings."

As for gaffe No. 1, that took place at the start of the hour, when a cutaway shot to the group biding their time in the studio featured Tyler singsongily announcing, "Good morning, America."

Sure, it could've just been a harmless salutation, but that's not the way Matt Lauer & Co. took it.

"No, no, no, no," Roker laughed. "That's why they haven't done morning television! They don't even know what show they're on!"

Something tells us he might've known exactly what he was doing.

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