Heidi Montag Reflects on Lauren Conrad Feud Ahead of The Hills Reboot

Heidi stars on The Hills: New Beginnings with many returning co-stars, as well as newcomer Mischa Barton.

By Corinne Heller Mar 05, 2019 1:00 PMTags
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Does Heidi Montag Pratt know what she did to Lauren Conrad?

Well, she has long denied any wrongdoing. But while it's been 12 years since the former The Hills co-stars ended their friendship publicly, Heidi, who stars in the upcoming reboot series The Hills: New Beginnings, still reflects on what happened between the two.

"Sometimes things happen that will change how you feel about people, and sometimes it's very permanent," she told Cosmopolitan in an interview published in its April 2019 issue, which will be out on March 12. "I thought with Lauren and me, we would've been friends again."

Heidi, who appears on the show with co-star and husband Spencer Pratt, poses on the cover of the magazine with fellow returning cast members Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port, as well as newcomer, The O.C. actress Mischa Barton, who signals that her participation in the reboot was fate.

"It's weird because I remember going out with Nicole Richie and people at the time, and we would come by set when they were filming The Hills," she told Cosmopolitan. "She would drag me to the producer van to see what you guys had been up to all day. All these years later...it sounds corny, but it felt like this was supposed to happen."

Everything We Know About The Hills: New Beginnings

Since The Hills ended in 2010 after six seasons, Heidi and Spencer welcomed a sonGunnerWhitney married Tim Rosenman in 2015 and they are parents to son Sonny. Both boys are around the same age, 1 and 1/2. Audrina and ex-husband Corey Bohan are parents to daughter Kirra, 2 and 1/2, and the reality star currently has a new boyfriend after dating musician Ryan Cabrera for a few months.

"I sometimes get in over my head," Mischa told Cosmopolitan. "I didn't really consider the fact that they're all such close friends. They're family girls. They all have husbands or ex-husbands and babies...I was afraid that, obviously, the drama would land on me because I don't have babies. But the bulk of the drama comes from the history they have."

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Lauren, who does not appear on the Hills reboot, is also a married mom; she and husband William Tell are parents to son Liam, also 1 and 1/2 years old.

The Hills veterans Stephanie PrattJustin Bobby BresciaBrody Jenner—who got married last summer, Frankie Delgado—who is married with two kids, and Jason Wahlerwho is married with one child, also appear on The Hills: New Beginnings, which will premiere on MTV this summer.

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