Heidi Montag wants to clear her name in the whole Lauren Conrad feud...10 years after the demise of their friendship.

Any fans of The Hills would recall that fateful "You know what you did!" moment during the season three premiere. Essentially, it all went down in a club where Lauren blamed Heidi for spreading a rumor about her having a sex tape with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

Fast forward 10 years (the episode aired in April 2007), and although Spencer Pratt has taken the blame for the rumor, Heidi feels the moment continues to create a "misconception" in how people perceive her.

Speaking to E! News in a sit-down interview, she admitted to feeling like a "scapegoat," adding, "I thought that our friendship was way stronger than [Lauren] blaming a rumor on me."

She continued, "I think the biggest misconception that was projected from that moment on was that I did something to Lauren, and I didn't…I was nothing but a great friend to her. It's unfortunate that that ended up being a whole new chapter about how I was perceived and what was going on."

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As for Spencer? Well, he thinks the whole thing made for great TV.

"My brain thinks different than most people," he revealed. "I would imagine I was thinking, 'Oh! What a great scene. That's great for TV.' That's the problem when you think like a producer while being on-camera. You get excited for action, even if it's supposedly real."

Meanwhile, Heidi and Spencer have much more on their plate to worry about than 10-year-old feuds...Like a potential Spencer Jr.!

The couple announced they're pregnant with their first child—a baby boy!—in April and have been preparing ever since. From attending breastfeeding classes to baby CPR training, they told us they're deep in preparing for the arrival of their little one.

While they've already purchased their Kingsley Crib and started setting up the nursery, they still haven't picked a name just yet.

"We have a few [names] on the table, so I think we're narrowing it down," Heidi revealed. "I'll be really excited once we officially do that."

And Spencer Jr. might just be one of those options. "I did pitch that," Spencer joked. "That was definitely suggested a couple times!"

However, Heidi disagrees. "I don't want to be running around yelling, 'Spencer and Spencer!'" she said. "It would be a lot."

Heidi Montag, Pregnant, Baby Bump, Mother's Day 2017


Despite the Spencer Jr. debate, Heidi said going through names has actually been one of the best parts of her pregnancy. She also loves to feel the baby move.

"The worst part is probably my feet being really sore," she continued. "I woke up last night with them just, like, throbbing."

Still, she's absolutely loving being pregnant.

"Pregnancy has been amazing," she gushed to us. "I love being pregnant. I think it's one of the best times of my life."

Check out the couple's full interviews above, and don't forget to tune into E! News tonight at 7 and 11 p.m. for more.

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