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The dress that broke the internet officially made its way onto American Idol tonight, when one of the contestants wore it during her performance. 

Jackie "Jax" Cole, one of the top 8 girls, donned the definitely, absolutely blue and black dress while she sang a slowed down, jazzed up rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High."

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban weren't huge fans of the performance, saying that it changed the song a little too much, but they were perfectly happy to weigh in on the color when Ryan Seacrest hopped up on stage to hold up the original picture on his cell phone.

"I see blue and black," he said of Jax standing next to him.

JLo agreed that the dress is blue and black, though Harry and Keith had other ideas.

"It's red and pink!"

"I see a hot guy holding a cell phone," Harry shouted as Ryan ushered Jax off the stage.

Honestly, we were on team Black and Blue from the beginning, so we weren't surprised to see the dress's true colors. We were, however, surprised to see that it was actually not a horrible dress. We could never pull it off, but Jax looked pretty good! 

Now let's all agree to never talk about the dress again, shall we? 

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