The Dress That Tore the Internet Apart Also Brought It Together

People are sick of talking about the dress, and that is what will bond us for life

By Jenna Mullins Feb 27, 2015 6:15 PMTags
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This damn dress.

Centuries from now, The Doctor will show up in his Tardis and everyone will be wearing this gold and white (but it's really black and blue...we don't know and we've stopped caring) dress. And then someone will stop the Doctor on the street and tell him he'll be murdered for not wearing the dress because since 2015, it's been world law that you must wear this dress. And then the Doctor will say something cheeky and free the Earth from this black and blue dress nightmare.

That's how serious the Internet has taken this enigma wrapped in a mystery topped with absolute insanity. It's torn everyone apart because half of the world thinks the dress looks black and blue and half of the people swear on their firstborn child it's gold and white.

Basically this:

But this dress also brought us together. Because for one glorious day, the Internet united to mock this stupid debate and also to complain about how a piece of fabric managed to capture the World Wide Web when obviously there were more important things to talk about.

No, not Net Neutrality. We're talking about the llamas on the run!

So really, the dress that almost ripped the Internet apart really made us closer:

Remember: We're all in this ridiculous debate together. But seriously, let's burn the Internet down and start over because this is utter nonsense.