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The Walking Dead Boss Reflects on Rick's Unleashed Brutality, Season 5's "Nuclear Weapon" and More

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Warning: We're about to spill scoop on what's ahead for AMC's hit series, The Walking Dead. If you have not seen the season four finale, leave now. For everyone else, let's discuss…

Well, that was intense.

On Sunday night, millions of fans tuned in to witness the season four finale of the smash series The Walking Dead. And like usual, it was an action-packed hour of heart-pounding drama. In case you missed out on all the gruesome deaths and shocking twists, or you just want to re-live all of the WTF moments again, you can check out our full recap of "A" right here.

Although we're thrilled that all of our favorite characters are alive (for now!) showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that season five is going to be "a nuclear weapon." You better duck and cover, TWD fans. "Every 8 episodes, the show re-invents itself," he spilled to Chris Hardwick on Sunday's installment of Talking Dead. "Next season, it will be a whole new show again."

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With the season five premiere seven months away (damn right we're counting down the days) Gimple divulged that the writers and the actors are thrilled to jump back into the action. "We're really excited about it. The writers are working very hard," he told Hardwick. "We're looking at all the new places we're going. It's going to be an incredible season. It's going to be completely different from this year."

Although Gimple was tight-lipped when it came to revealing specific season five plot points, he did say that it's safe to assume that Carol, Tyreese and Beth are still out in the world. Furthermore, the EP teased that they are not necessarily already trapped at Terminus.

Switching gears: Many fans were stunned to see Rick's transformation from a happy-go-lucky farmer, to a brutal throat-ripping killer in the season four capper. Given the circumstances, Rick's actions were completely justified, however, it was still jarring nonetheless.

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The Walking Dead Gene Page/AMC

The executive producer explained that he used the flashbacks to explain Rick's full story of how he resisted his violent impulses for a time for good reason. "That was a different world," Gimple said. "But that world is over. Now he's in an entirely different place."

"He was a man suppressing his brutality," Andrew Lincoln said about his character's arc. "At the end of the season, he's accepting it for the sake of his son." Gimple promised that fans will continue to get to know this new brutal Rick "a little more" in season five.

So how is Lincoln preparing for the sure-to-be-jaw-dropping season five premiere? He's growing out his beard. "I've got to get going," he laughed. "I'm just going to be listening to a lot of AC/DC and turning tables over and that kind of thing."

Season five of The Walking Dead is set to premiere in October on AMC.

What did you think of the season finale of The Walking Dead? Are you glad that everyone is still alive? What are you theories about the townsfolk of Terminus? Sounds off in the comments below!

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