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WARNING: We're about to recap all of the mind-blowing moments from The Walking Dead's season four finale! If you do not want to know all of the gory details, turn away now! (Just don't go to Terminus!) For everyone else, read on…

Someone pass us an inhaler, because we can't catch our breath!

Following their tradition of adrenaline-pumping endings, The Walking Dead's season four finale was one jam-packed hour of gory confrontations, bittersweet reunions, and "What the eff just happened?!" moments.

However, unlike previous finales, one of the elements that made this episode so unique and heart-pounding, was that the enemies our gang faced were ruthless human beings—not a pack of mindless, blood-thirsty walkers. This brought tonight's finale, "A," to entirely different level of anxiety and dread as we watched to see if our favorites would survive. 

Now, let's get straight to it with the episodes most jaw-dropping moments…

The Marauders Massacre: It's no secret that a group of code-abiding thugs have been tracking Rick for the past few episodes, and now they finally caught up to him. In the dead of night, the gang ambushed Rick, Michonne and Carl, and declared that they were going to enact revenge for their "friend" that Rick had killed earlier this season. Just as the leader was counting down to pull the trigger, Daryl arrived and pleaded them to stop because Rick and Co. were "good people."

The leader was outraged at Daryl's words of protection, dismissed them as a lie, and promptly ordered two of his men to kick the crap out of Daryl as punishment. The marauders laughed as the leader revealed their plan: "First we're going to beat Daryl to death, then we'll have the girl, then the boy, then we'll shoot you and then we'll be square."

And that's when Rick snapped. Our anti-hero jumped into action and reverse head-butted the leader. Unarmed and disordered, Rick came face-to-face with his tormentor, and did whatever he could to stay alive: Rick bit his neck and ripped out his throat! While the entire group was stunned to silence at Rick's impression of a rabid dog, Michonne took advantage of the moment to surprise and disarm her marauder. She then swiftly shot him in the head like the badass girl we know and love.

As for the man who was about to rape Carl? Better step away if you're squeamish because Rick's retaliation was satisfying but brutal. With a knife, Rick sliced up the man's stomach, pushing the blade deeper and deeper into his chest. Once he reached the throat, Rick began stabbing the marauder over and over and over again, while Carl watched on with a blank expression. The only good news that came from this horrifying blood bath is that Daryl was reunited with Rick, Michonne, and Carl. Yay?

The Walking Dead


Michonne Tells All: We all know that Michonne was once a mother to a beautiful baby boy named Andre, however we never knew the details surrounding her baby's tragic death—until now. While alone with her BFF, Carl, Michonne explained that at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, she and her baby, along with they baby's father, Mike, and his friend, stayed at a refugee camp.

"I was coming back from a run I saw the fences were down, heard the moans, it was over. Mike and Terry, they were high when it happened," Michonne explained. "They were bit. I could've stopped it, I could have killed them, but I let them turn. I made it so they couldn't bite, couldn't scratch and I tied chains around their necks. It was insane, and it was sick." Our machete lover went on to say that because of Andrea, Rick, and Carl's kindness, Michonne no longer holds onto that anger.

The Return of Hershel: Hershel came back! Well, it was in flashback form, but hey, we'll take any form of Hershel we can get. Our beloved character was peppered in throughout the entire episode, as Rick reminisced on happier days safely behind the prison's walls. Specifically, we saw that Hershel was the one who really got Rick hooked on his farming craze, and hoped that it would be an activity that could bring Rick and Carl closer together as father as son.

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The Walking Dead

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Terminus Train Wreck: "Those who arrive, survive." False. What their slogan really should be is: "Those who arrive, get their stuff stolen from them and then get shoved into an empty train car." That exactly what happened to our heroes. When Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl arrived at Terminus, they were greeted by the same, terrifyingly happy faces and offered a plate of food. However, always the observant one, Rick immediately noticed Hershel's watch dangling from one man's pocket. 

In a flash, Rick grabbed it, put a gun to the man's head and demanded, "Where the hell did you get this watch?!" We then began to notice that everyone in the courtyard had various articles of clothing from the prison, but Maggie, Glenn and the others were nowhere to be found. After a bullet heavy foot-chase, our group was heavily surrounded and forced to drop their weapons.

For a brief moment, it looked like the townsfolk of Terminus were going to execute Carl, but instead they banished our foursome into an abandoned train car. Inside, we discovered that Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, and all the others had been locked up as well. After a bittersweet reunion, Rick got a devious look in his eyes and announced to the group, "They're going to feel pretty stupid when they find out they're screwing with the wrong people."

What did you think of tonight's season finale of The Walking Dead? Are you glad that everyone is still alive? What are you theories about the townsfolk of Terminus? Sounds off in the comments below!

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