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    Anderson Cooper Blasts Alec Baldwin After the Actor Admits to Using a Gay Slur: "So Ridiculous"

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    Anderson Cooper, Alec Baldwin
    Anderson Cooper, Alec Baldwin Steve Granitz/WireImage.com, Danny Martindale/WireImage

    Alec Baldwin has admitted to using an anti-gay slur—but not the one he's been accused of saying. Photographers ambushed the 55-year-old actor outside his New York City home on Thursday, Nov. 14. Outraged, the outspoken star then allegedly called one paparazzo a "c--ksucking f-g." Baldwin denied using the epithet on Twitter and insisted that he actually uttered the word "fathead" instead.

    "Acoustic analysis proves the word is fathead," the former 30 Rock star added. In typical Baldwin fashion, several of the tweets have since been deleted. "Anti-gay slurs are wrong," he continued. "They not only offend, but threaten hard fought tolerance of LGBT rights."

    On Friday, Nov. 15, Baldwin issued an apology. "Rich Ferraro from @glaad informs me that c'sucker is an anti-gay epithet," he tweeted. "In which case I apologize and will retire it from my vocabulary."

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    This is the second time Baldwin has come under fire for using an anti-gay slur. In June, he lashed out at a British journalist shortly after James Gandolfini's funeral. Though Baldwin later apologized, CNN's Anderson Cooper was still outraged. "Why does#AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a conservative talked of beating up a 'queen' they would be vilified," the TV journalist said at the time.

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    Cooper went after Baldwin once more on Friday, Nov. 15. "Wow, Alec Baldwin shows his true colors yet again. How is he going to lie and excuse his anti-gay slurs this time?" the openly gay star asked. He then added, "Just read Alec Baldwin's latest excuses. They are actually so ridiculous they are funny."

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    A Twitter user then argued that while Baldwin may be an "idiot," he also has a "right to say" whatever he wants. "I never suggested he had to apologize," Cooper clarified. "He can say whatever he wants, but then why repeatedly lie about it afterwards?"

    He makes a fair point.

    In regards to Baldwin's latest outburst, GLAAD spokesperson Rich Ferraro issued this statement: "Mr. Baldwin can't lend his support for equality on paper, while degrading gay people in practice. It's clearly time he listens to the calls from so many LGBT people and allies to end this pattern of anti-gay slurs."

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