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    Fifty Shades of Grey Foreshadowing? Charlie Hunnam Revealed Months Ago He Has "No Interest" in Fame

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    Charlie Hunnam
    Charlie Hunnam Courtesy of Frank Micelotta/Invision for FX/AP Images

    Shortly after it was announced that Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, a source revealed exclusively to E! News that it wasn't a "surprise" because "the attention and the pressure was intense."

    But perhaps the hunky actor was foreshadowing his discomfort of being in the spotlight during a telling interview over the summer, while offering us some insight into his future decision to drop out of portraying the  role of smoldering S&M fetishist Christian Grey.

    When asked during a Nerdist podcast on July 8, while promoting the science-fiction thriller Pacific Rim, if he thinks being noticed is a detriment to his career, the British blue-eyed thesp did not shy away from his views on fame.

    NEWS: Charlie Hunnam Dropping Out of Fifty Shades of Grey Role Is "Not a Surprise," Source Says

    Charlie Hunnam Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    "Well, it certainly gets in the way of life," the Sons of Anarchy star explained to host Chris Hardwicke. "I have no interest in fame at all. I feel like I act to keep the massive, perpetual existential crisis that I'm always on the brink of, away."

    He added that when he was growing up, film was a great distraction from his everyday life.

    "I grew up really loving film, it was the place that I went to escape the brutal reality or just the boring minutia of day-to-day life," Hunnam said. "Film was the thing that gave my life some real excitement or worth."

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    Hunnam also gave the impression that he feels slightly uncomfortable receiving excessive attention when asked what advice he would give to aspiring actors.

    "People say to me sometimes, ‘How can I become famous,'" Hunnam said. "And I say, ‘Well, there's a million ways to become famous. Not all of them positive.' Rob a few banks. There's many ways to become famous. If you want to become an actor and tell stories, then maybe we can have a conversation."

    But when it comes to success, he admits that there is a "mystical quality" about it.

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    "The people that I've seen succeed and, not only succeed in achieving their goals, but succeed in finding some happiness in achieving those goals, are the ones who have a real desire to be storytellers," he said. "I mean, specifically with acting, but I think it applies to all walks of life. The people that have integrity and a real passion for the thing, rather than the trappings of the thing."

    So, Charlie's out. But who is in?!

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