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Prince Harry Poolside Again! Royal Returns to Public Duties With Will and Kate for Paralympics

Prince Harry Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

The watched is about to become the watcher. And, OK, will still very much remain the watched.

Prince Harry isn't wasting any time in throwing himself (perhaps involuntarily) back into public life in the wake of his naked Vegas photo scandal, and while yesterday the palace confirmed he'd be attending the WellChild Awards in London on Monday, today the full extent of his Paralympics viewing schedule is revealed (along with Prince William and Kate Middleton's, though for maybe the first time ever, they will not be the royals everyone's most excited to see).

As for what the scandal-prone royal will be attending...well, rest assured, billiards is not on the list.

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Among the royal trio, they will be attending five events in all, a much more scaled-back roster than their relentless spectating at the London Olympics. Which we bet a certain prince is pretty OK with.

As for their schedules, while Will and Kate are expected to attend the opening ceremony later tonight (Harry is not), the duo will also later attend goalball and track cycling on Thursday, while Kate will go solo to swimming on Thursday and return to Olympic Park for athletics on Sunday.

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As for Harry, in addition to an expected visit with the Team GB athletes, he will attend just one event in all, swimming, at the Aquatics Centre on Monday prior to attending the charity event. We're sure it will be fine and all, but really, Harry? Swimming? Considering what happened the last time he was hanging out around a pool, we're not sure that's the most well-thought-out move in the world, but hey. We know we'll be watching.

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