Kelsey Grammer, Zeljko Ivanek

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Dear Ted:
I think Kelsey Grammer is as big a douche-bag as they come, but I can totally see him as President Snow. I think real life would play well onscreen! And in that vein, how about we cast Nicole Kidman as President Coin?

Dear Evil and More Evil:
Wow, some of you are really set on having Grammer take the cake as the onscreen leader of The Hunger Games realm. But really, we are still not sold. Snow's supposed to be strict and cold, and we feel Kelsey would let his weirdo, good shine right through for some crucial parts. As for Kidman as Coin, buh-rilliant! Nicole knows just how to lead in that selfish, conniving kind of way, no?

Dear Ted:
What do you think of Zeljko Ivanek for the role of President Snow in The Hunger Games? He has that creep factor for sure (he gave me chills in True Blood!), and the guy can act!

Dear Foreign Chills:
Actually, he would be dead-on as far as the physical goes. This man is as cold as they come and he definitely as loads of experience playing the creepy people on screen. We say sure. I mean, they are casting a bunch of professional, talented small namers. Zeljko might just fit in perfectly.

Dear Ted:
What's up with the Kerr-Bloom family? I get the impression Orlando cares much more about baby Flynn than Mir does, right or wrong? And I still feel no love between them—but then, why are they still together? For PR reasons? That's long gone, I guess, there's not much buzz around them. For the baby? Yeah maybe, but he'll grow up and maybe he wouldn't be much traumatized if his parents weren't together. Then why? I just don't get it.

Dear Quit Contemplating:
They look like a happy fam for now. Orly landed one beautiful bombshell, and, of course, as a new daddy he is going be all about his new baby boy. They both love the tyke, no question about that, and let them live there lives sans PR speculation. Well, at least, until we have some real details!

Dear Ted:
My guess is Cookie Muncher is Penélope Cruz?

Dear Real Hot:
guess, but no. Think less exotic.

Dear Ted:
I just got hooked on your site and it has become my new obsession. And like everyone else I am determined to solve all these Blind Vices and was wondering if I was close with this guess for Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois: Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper? Hoping to get a response! PS, my old English Bull pup says hi!

Dear Newbie:
Close, but I have already nixed that guess. Do you research, doll, and give your pooch a little kiss for me!

Dear Ted:
Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois are Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf?

Dear Vice Talented:
Now, this is beyond one of the best guesses for the sad couple. Great snooping, hon, but just not quite enough!

Dear Ted:
No one cares about LeAnn Rimes unless she is singing, which despite your quips, she does very well. Maybe if we don't give her the attention, she'll get back to what she does best. I'm just saying.

Dear Preach:
While I totally second this, it's pure wishful thinking. And I can guarantee it won't happen. People like LeAnn are desperate for attention, whatever it may be. We're getting bored by the attention-whoring, but her weight is a serious issue and you know it, too.

Dear Ted:
My husband and our rescue Chihuahua think Jude Law would make the perfect Cinna. I have to say I agree. What are your thoughts?
Khan's mom

Dear Jaw Dropping:
Jude Law is anything but "normal" looking, as Katniss describes him in the books. The man, and that jaw structure, is breathtaking. But if his sexiness is toned down a bit I think I could maybe see Law as the talented designer. He's got that artsy, creative look to him.

Dear Ted:
Do you know who would be great in the role of Haymitch? Tim McGraw! He has had so many roles that didn't really stray far enough from his real life. It's time to impress, if you ask me. Or give it up the acting career!

Dear Go Haymitch, or Go Home:
Agreed. Tim very much stays in his comfort zone movie-wise, but the name is just getting into the swing of this acting love. He was spectacular in Country Strong—made us hate him so much it was borderline brilliant. But he was acting as a country singer and manager. I just don't know if this amazing series should risk casting acting potential when they could get an A-list movie profession like Brad Pitt or Robert Downey Jr.

Dear Ted:
What is up with Timothy Olyphant from Justified? He is super hot and has been married for 20 years to the same woman. Can it really be true?

Dear True Love:
Sometimes it exists. Who would have thought, right? Especially with all these PR romance stunts in Tinseltown. But nope, Olyphant seems committed and loving, which we love to see from these actors. Plus, he has three kidlets with his wifey. Looks authentic, and he looks even better doing it that way!

Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher Carmen Electra? Kind of random but it's all I've got. More Importantly, Have you heard of this? If so, please spread the word!

Dear Cookies and Causes:
Nope, not Carmen. Think less trashy. Also, I'm always happy to spread word of a good, helping cause! We will keep Bryan, and his health, in our thoughts.

Dear Ted:
Are Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos the swinger couple? They live in NYC and are athletically inclined.

Dear Eh:
Oh, remember that Blind, married Page Sixer? For some reason I don't think Ripa and her hubs are that nasty. I mean she's got some pep and Vice to her, but not one where her hunk of a hub is involved.

Dear Ted:
I don't know if they're famous enough to be on your radar, but is there any truth to the rumor that YouTubers Elle and Blair Fowler got a reality TV show deal?

Dear YouTube No Name:
Don't really care, but if you must know—yes. The sister style sensations have landed a show with Kinectic Content, where they will take their online style and makeup sharing to the television screen. Good for them, we guess. I mean, if Justin Bieber could make it big on YouTube, why not these two?

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