Ricky Martin, Elton John

Dan MacMedan/WireImage.com; Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com

Boy, oh boy!

Now that Elton John and hubby David Furnish have welcomed newborn son Zachary Jackson into the family, there are bound to be some changes going on in their household. So what can the first-time dads expect?

Fellow father Ricky Martin has some advice...

"Life changes!" Martin told our E! News pal Michael Yo earlier today during an interview with Y100 Miami radio. "You have to sleep because you are not going to sleep ever again! Babies wake up every two hours. At 7 o'clock you are awake. For me, I was a night owl in the past, but now, I'm up, I'm working, I'm already dealing with the kids."

As for expanding his own family, the 39-year-old singer says, "Fatherhood is incredible! Every day is something different. Matteo and Valentino, two boys, they're constantly ganging up on me but I can take it! They're amazing... I want more. This is only the beginning of our family."

How many more?

"I don't know," Martin laughed. "Maybe one, two more. But yeah, definitely. I need daddy's girl."

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