Hollywood's hottest stars had a lot on their minds as they made their way down the 2010 Golden Globes red carpet. Check out the best bits right here:

"Yeah, I'm done with that."
Anna Kendrick, joking about what she thinks of George Clooney

"We've got two more seasons, and then we're hoping to go into a movie right after."
Mark Wahlberg, on rumors of an Entourage movie

"It's raining a lot—I'm worried that my tattoos are going to start showing."
Tina Fey

"I'd go to the Olive Garden. I just really wanna go to the Olive Garden."
Taylor Lautner, on what he'd do on a day free of paparazzi

"It's always good to be back at our small, smelly room at Parsons."
Heidi Klum, on Project Runway's return to New York

"I worked with Jessica Biel, whom I adore and have a total girl crush on her now."
Jennifer Garner

"Less brilliance!"
Robert Downey Jr., on acting tips from his wife, Susan

"When you win something you celebrate!"
Mariah Carey, on her tipsy acceptance speech

"I'm not like Puff Daddy...I hold my own umbrella!"
Penélope Cruz

"I would watch Annie and Singing in the Rain over and over again...It was really my dream, the American musical."
Marion Cotillard, on her role in Nine

"Easy! Stop working out and eat brie cheese every night before going to bed."
Fergie, on how she gained 17 pounds for Nine

"It's a lot easier for me to be presenting something than sitting out in the audience waiting for your name to be called with your underwear crawling up your ass."
Mickey Rourke, on presenting tonight

"But it's nothing! It's a little rain. We're not M&Ms; we're not gonna die!"
Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, on how the rainy weather's affecting the day

"I've only done it twice. And I think people know that I'm not afraid of a challenge, so I take that as a compliment."
House's Olivia Wilde, when asked how it feels to be TV's go-to bisexual


The Golden Globes hasn't taken Hollywood's focus off of Haiti. To find out what the stars are doing and how you can help, click here.


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