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It's been a rough week (or so) for Justin Bieber.

But it's been a rough week for us, too. The pint-size pop star has been across the pond in London and has had quite a bit of trouble. Below, a recap of the events.

Wednesday, Feb. 27: Justin wears a spiked yellow hat and saggy leopard-print pants. What we originally thought was just questionable taste may have actually been an early warning of what was to come. Hindsight is 20/20.

Justin Bieber, Shirtless

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Thursday, Feb. 28: Possibly as a response to the flack he received for the previous day's ensemble, Justin opted against clothes and instead went shirtless in a pair of leather sweatpants. Olivia Wilde called him out on it and Biebs responded that "after performing for 2 hours i might be sweaty." His excuse for never, ever wearing a belt is still pending.

Friday, Feb. 29: This Friday will go down in history as Bieber's "worst birthday ever" (his 19th, for the record). Later, we learned that he was rejected from the Cirque Du Soir club for there being minors in his party. Bieber took to Instagram to complain that he didn't like "their weak ass club" anyway and claim that it was the worst B-day ever because people were mean to his fans. Oh OK, Bieber.

Monday, March 4: Justin Bieber hit the stage nearly two hours late to the boos of disappointed Beliebers. Through his rose-colored glasses though, Bieber was only 40 minutes late (due to "technical issues") and his life is "not easy," you guys. It's not.

Justin Bieber

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Tuesday, March 5: J.B. was supposed to perform 30 minutes earlier in the wake of yesterday's tardiness. His set started two minutes early.

Wednesday, March 6: As tabloids blasted him and speculated as to what was going on backstage at his shows, a beatific Bieber tweeted "we are all equal in God's eyes & we have a responsibility to eachother" and warned the world to "be careful of the judgement u pass." As of today, no signs of the plagues. Yet.

Thursday, March 7: Then Bieber collapsed onstage. He was given emergency oxygen for breathing troubles and advised to cancel the rest of his performance. But instead he rose and finished his performance. And then he had to go and Instagram a shirtless picture of himself "recovering" in the hospital while listening to Janis Joplin.

Justin Bieber


Friday, March 8: Perhaps out of sorts from his hospitalization, Bieber lunged at a paparazzo who cussed him out, yelling, "I'll f--king beat the f--k out of you!" Thankfully, his bodyguard was able to just pick him up and get him away, allowing him to return to the stage that night.

Lingering Questions:

1. Why does Justin Bieber keep wearing a gas mask? Does he know something we don't? Should we be wearing one too?

2. Why is Justin Bieber always crouching down like he's about to board a helicopter?

3. Who actually had the worst birthday ever?

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